Friday, December 13, 2019

Lucinda Williams - Pyramid of Tears - Various Songs (2004-2006)

Here's the latest stray tracks album for Lucinda Williams. This is a particularly good bunch of non-album tracks.

All of the songs come from official sources, so the sound quality is uniformly excellent. A majority of songs are duets that Williams performed for other people's albums. It also includes three songs from tribute albums and a song from a soundtrack. Some of these are covers of famous songs, such as "A Song for You," "Sleepless Nights," and "Gentle on my Mind." I don't know who wrote the others, but I presume they mostly weren't written by Williams.

UPDATE: On May 12, 2020, I updated the mp3 download file.  I added three songs: "Factory Girls," "Overtime," and "A Cut So Deep." Two songs, "Closing In on the Fire" and "Two of Us" were moved to the previous album in this series.

01 Pyramid of Tears (Lucinda Williams)
02 Factory Girls (Flogging Molly & Lucinda Williams)
03 Sleepless Nights (Lucinda Williams)
04 A Song for You (Lucinda Williams)
05 There's a Story in Your Voice (Elvis Costello & Lucinda Williams)
06 Overtime (Lucinda Williams & Willie Nelson)
07 Sins of a Family (P. F. Sloan & Lucinda Williams)
08 A Cut So Deep (John Brannen & Lucinda Williams)
09 Hurry Up Sunrise (North Mississippi Allstars with Lucinda Williams)
10 Gentle on My Mind (Lucinda Williams)
11 Careless Darling (Ramblin' Jack Elliott & Lucinda Williams)

The cover art photo comes from a 2004 concert.

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  1. Thank you for this collection! As another reader mentioned in the comments to another of your Lucinda Williams' posts, the site SecondHandSongs is a great resource for identifying the original artist. You might find other songs that Lucinda has covered, although your compilations are very thorough!