Thursday, December 5, 2019

Kirsty MacColl - Moving Out (Edited Song) (1994)

Today, while searching YouTube for something else, I happened upon a Kirsty MacColl song that I'd never heard of before. It's a good song that appears to be an original, and given that she died in 2001, those are rarer than hen's teeth.

I've added the song to the most fitting stray tracks collection, called "Perfect Day," which you can find here:

But I've also created this post about it so more people can know about it, and also to explain the edits I did, since they were significant.

The song was the theme song for a short-lived 1994 British TV show called "Moving Stories." The YouTube video I found was really two clips put together: a 45-second long section of the song played at the start of the show, and then another 45-second long section of the song played at the end credits. Both parts had a verse and a chorus, with the verses being different.

So my first task was to merge the two parts together to make one seamless whole, which I did easily, since the first part ended with the same riff that the second part began with. The second part faded out in a non-ideal manner, while the first part let a final chord ring out and fade away. So I took the ending for the first part and added it to the very end. The song also faded in in a non-ideal manner, so I patched in part of the opening riff from when it was repeated later in the song to have a better beginning.

That riff only played once each time. But I decided it would sound better if it played twice each time, especially since the song was so short. So I did more editing to repeat the riff at the beginning, in the middle, and then again at the end.

After all that, the song grew from a minute and a half to exactly two minutes, mostly due to repeating the riff three times, since it lasts about ten seconds each time. The song is still on the short side, and I could have repeated the chorus or something like that, but I think I did enough tinkering already.

Here's the link to just the song:

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