Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bruce Springsteen - Cover Songs, Volume 22: 2014-2019

Yeay! It's finally here: the last of the 22 volumes of Bruce Springsteen cover songs. And it comes to an end at a fitting time, right at the end of 2019. Happy new year, and new decade, everyone!

After the last two albums, in which nearly every single song was officially released and thus had excellent sound quality, this returns matters to how they were for most albums prior to that, because seven of the 14 songs here are unreleased.

During 2016, some very big names in music died. I believe the versions of "Rebel Rebel," "Take It Easy," and "Purple Rain" are tributes to David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Prince, respectively.

Although this album deals with part of all of five years, Springsteen didn't tour much in that time, except in 2017. (He did spend 2018 performing "Springsteen on Broadway," but that didn't yield any cover songs.) Thus, many of the songs here are from unusual concerts, such as surprise appearances as guests for some other artist, or appearances at benefit or tribute concerts.

This takes us all the way to the end of 2019. In fact, the last song here, a duet with John Mellencamp on his 1980s hit "Pink Houses," comes from a mere three weeks ago as I write this. I would like to continue this with a volume 23, but I imagine it'll take another couple of years, or maybe even longer, before there's enough material for that.

01 I Hung My Head (Bruce Springsteen)
02 Born on the Bayou (Bruce Springsteen with Timepiece)
03 Rebel Rebel (Bruce Springsteen)
04 Take It Easy (Bruce Springsteen)
05 Purple Rain (Bruce Springsteen)
06 Lucille (Bruce Springsteen)
07 Don't Hang Up (Bruce Springsteen)
08 Long Tall Sally (Bruce Springsteen)
09 Cuts like a Knife (Bryan Adams & Bruce Springsteen)
10 I Just Want to Make Love to You (Bruce Springsteen & the Tangiers Blues Band)
11 Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Bruce Springsteen & the Tangiers Blues Band)
12 Rhinestone Cowboy (Bruce Springsteen)
13 Redemption Day (Sheryl Crow & Bruce Springsteen)
14 Pink Houses (John Mellencamp & Bruce Springsteen)


For the cover art, I've used a photo of Springsteen at the 2019 concert from which the last song here is taken. I must say, he definitely looks older, but he still looks remarkably young and fit for someone who is 70 years old.


  1. Thank you very much for this series. Nicely done, good selections and great cover art.

  2. thanks 4 doing all these. one of my fave boss covers I don't see is Gypsy Woman. put it on vol 23 :)

    1. That's because he only did it in the studio, and this is a series of live covers. But don't worry, I have plans to put it on a stray tracks album.