Monday, December 5, 2022

Buffalo Springfield - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester, TN, 6-11-2011

Buffalo Springfield seems like "ancient" musical history to me, something that happened before I was born. So, in my opinion, it's pretty amazing that the band reunited for some concerts in 2010 and 2011. Nothing has ever been officially released from this reunion. There aren't even any great sounding soundboard bootlegs. But there is this one audience bootleg that sounds almost as good as a soundboard.

However, the sound still was a bit lacking to me. So I used the audio program X-Minus to improve it by boosting the lead vocals for all the songs. I think it sounds noticeably better now. It's hard to tell this isn't a soundboard. I even went through each song and got rid of most of the "woo-hoo" shouts and clapping that took place during the songs.

Note that not all the original members were part of the reunion. Bassist Bruce Palmer died in 2004, and drummer Dewey Martin died in 2009. But the three key members were the singer-songwriters Stephen Stills, Neil Young, and Richie Furay, and they all took part in the reunion, so it was a legit one in my book. It's great they were able to recreate the magic of this band, if only for a short time.

By the way, all the songs are edited, as I explained above, but the song "Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It" has "[Edit]" in the title because I did some extra work on that one. There was a chunk of the song missing, from the middle of the first verse until the middle of the first chorus. Luckily, the first verse was repeated later in the song, so I was able to patch in a fix.

This album is an hour and 29 minutes long.

Oh, and while I was at it, I redid all the previously posted Buffalo Springfield albums with improved balance between songs and changed mp3 tags.

01 On the Way Home (Buffalo Springfield)
02 Rock and Roll Woman (Buffalo Springfield)
03 Burned (Buffalo Springfield)
04 talk (Buffalo Springfield)
05 A Child's Claim to Fame (Buffalo Springfield)
06 talk (Buffalo Springfield)
07 Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It [Edit] (Buffalo Springfield)
08 talk (Buffalo Springfield)
09 Go and Say Goodbye (Buffalo Springfield)
10 I Am a Child (Buffalo Springfield)
11 Hot Dusty Road (Buffalo Springfield)
12 talk (Buffalo Springfield)
13 Kind Woman (Buffalo Springfield)
14 Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield)
15 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Buffalo Springfield)
16 Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield)
17 Sad Memory (Buffalo Springfield)
18 Broken Arrow (Buffalo Springfield)
19 talk (Buffalo Springfield)
20 For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
21 Rockin' in the Free World (Buffalo Springfield)

The cover photo comes from the exact concert in question. The fancy band name font comes from a concert poster from the same year.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Belle & Sebastian - BBC Sessions, Volume 4: 2001-2003

Here's the fourth of many volumes of Belle and Sebastian at the BBC.

This is composed of studio sessions. The first four songs are the only officially released ones, from the album "The BBC Sessions."  The fifth song was played on a BBC TV show. The next five songs are from another BBC session. The last two aren't from the BBC at all, but come from a KCRW radio session instead.

The next two BBC sessions are still within this time frame, with a live show from 2001 and a long BBC session in 2002.

This album is 44 minutes long.

01 Shoot the Sexual Athlete (Belle & Sebastian)
02 The Magic of a Kind Word (Belle & Sebastian)
03 Nothing in the Silence (Belle & Sebastian)
04 [My Girl's Got] Miraculous Technique (Belle & Sebastian)
05 I'm Waking Up to Us (Belle & Sebastian)
06 You Don't Send Me (Belle & Sebastian)
07 Roy Walker (Belle & Sebastian)
08 Love on the March (Belle & Sebastian)
09 Slap on a Sunbeam (Belle & Sebastian)
10 Desperation Made a Fool of Me (Belle & Sebastian)
11 Lord Anthony (Belle & Sebastian)
12 Women's Realm (Belle & Sebastian)

The cover photo shows the band at an awards show in 2004. I didn't like the back wall, which had a bunch of advertisements on it. So I replaced it with a blank wall in Photoshop.

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - BBC Sessions (1967-1968)

I recently posted an album of stray tracks by the British classic rock band Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera. If you want to know more about this band, read the write-up for that album. Suffice to say this band isn't well known, but should be, because they were very good. I think they would have had a better reputation except for the fact that they broke up after releasing only two studio albums.

Although the band wasn't around for long, they did enough BBC sessions for a reasonably sized album. I had collected most of these a while back, and it had been sitting in my long line of albums to post. Then in 2021, a box set containing all of the band's works was released, including all of their BBC sessions. I was glad to see that, because it had a few more songs that I did, and other songs in better quality. Everything here is sourced from that box set, called "Long Nights of Summer: The Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera Anthology."

Most of the songs are originals, including the classic "Flames." But there are a few covers: "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag," "All Along the Watchtower," "Somethin' Else," and "Statesboro Blues."

This album is 37 minutes long.

01 Flames (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
02 Dream Starts (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
03 Reactions of a Young Man (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
04 Mother Writes (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
05 I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
06 Dreamy (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
07 Air (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
08 All Along the Watchtower (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
09 Mary Jane (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
10 Somethin' Else (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
11 Statesboro Blues (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
12 Water Wheel (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)
13 She Keeps Giving Me These Feelings (Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera)

There are almost no color photos of this band, at least that I know of. But I found one, which I've used here. I don't know the details of where or when it's from.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance - Expanded Version (Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, CA, 5-23-1997)

Note that this is different than the official Fleetwood Mac live album "The Dance," which has sold millions. This contains everything that album contains, plus six additional songs. So if you have that and want more of it, here you go.

In 1987, singer-songwriter Lindsey Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac. In 1991, singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks left. Then in 1995, the last major singer-songwriter, Christine McVie, ended the band. But just two years later, all three of them, plus continual members Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, reunited. They only stayed together for one year before Christine McVie left again. But during that year, they reunited long enough for "The Dance" live album and a concert tour. They mostly sang classic hits, but they did have a few new songs as well.

The reason I can add some songs is because there's a DVD version of "The Dance" with five extra songs: "Gold Dust Woman," "Gypsy," "Go Insane," "Over My Head," and "Songbird." I've added those in using the order the songs were actually performed on this night (which is slightly different from both the album and the DVD, with a few songs shuffled a bit). 

I then went looking for more songs they did on that tour, since they did do about six more. But unfortunately, I could only find those extra songs on audience bootlegs which were a steep drop in sound quality from these songs. However, I did add one song from an audience bootleg, the finale, "Farmer's Daughter." I was able to include this cover of a Beach Boys song because it was done in a stripped down style, with just drums and vocals. As a result, the sound quality didn't matter so much. I also boosted the vocals to make it sound a little better.

This album is an hour and 14 minutes long. The extra material totals 23 minutes.

01 The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
02 Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
03 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
04 Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac)
05 Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac)
06 I'm So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac)
07 Temporary One (Fleetwood Mac)
08 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
09 Bleed to Love Her (Fleetwood Mac)
10 Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac)
11 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
12 Big Love (Fleetwood Mac)
13 Go Insane (Fleetwood Mac)
14 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
15 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
16 Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac)
17 You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac)
18 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
19 My Little Demon (Fleetwood Mac)
20 Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac)
21 Over My Head (Fleetwood Mac)
22 Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
23 Sweet Girl (Fleetwood Mac)
24 Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)
25 Tusk (Fleetwood Mac)
26 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
27 Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac)
28 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
29 Songbird (Fleetwood Mac)
30 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
31 Farmer's Daughter (Fleetwood Mac)

For the cover, I wanted a photo of all five members of the band at this time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good one of them on stage in 1997 because they rarely all stood close to each other. (I found one like that, but it was low-res.) However, I did find this photo of them standing together backstage at one of their 1997 concerts. I used Photoshop to bring Mick Fleetwood (the tallest one) a little closer to the others.

Robyn Hitchcock - Acoustic Covers, Volume 15: 2017-2019

As I mentioned in another post, I recently redid the links to all of the Robyn Hitchcock albums I've posted, because I discovered many of them had died. And there are LOTS of his albums posted here, dozens. So now is a good time to get some of his older albums.

Over a dozen of those albums are part of this series of Hitchcock playing acoustic covers, usually from concert bootlegs. That's the case here as well. All the songs are unreleased, and all but one come from concerts. The other one ("Not Dark Yet") comes from a radio show.

So if you liked the other ones in this series, you should like this one too. Unfortunately, it's the last one so far. After the Covid pandemic began in early 2020, Hitchcock stopped touring and began doing lots of home concerts instead. He's played tons of covers in those concerts, but it's a different kind of thing so I'll post them in a different way when I get around to posting some of that stuff.

This album is 48 minutes long.

Here are the original artists for each song. He loves to do songs by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Syd Barrett, and that's definitely the case here.

01 A Day in the Life - Beatles
02 The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest - Bob Dylan
03 Wolfpack - Syd Barrett
04 Not Dark Yet - Bob Dylan
05 Wined and Dined - Syd Barrett
06 Sound and Vision - David Bowie
07 Rocky Raccoon - Beatles
08 If You See Her, Say Hello - Bob Dylan
09 Ring Them Bells - Bob Dylan
10 Mellow Yellow - Donovan
11 God - John Lennon
12 Dear Doctor - Rolling Stones
13 Dear Landlord - Bob Dylan

Here's the usual song list:

01 A Day in the Life (Robyn Hitchcock)
02 The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest (Robyn Hitchcock)
03 Wolfpack (Robyn Hitchcock)
04 Not Dark Yet (Robyn Hitchcock)
05 Wined and Dined (Robyn Hitchcock)
06 Sound and Vision (Robyn Hitchcock)
07 Rocky Raccoon (Robyn Hitchcock)
08 If You See Her, Say Hello (Robyn Hitchcock)
09 Ring Them Bells (Robyn Hitchcock)
10 Mellow Yellow (Robyn Hitchcock)
11 God (Robyn Hitchcock)
12 Dear Doctor (Robyn Hitchcock)
13 Dear Landlord (Robyn Hitchcock)

All I know about the cover photo is that it dates to 2017.

The Jam - BBC Sessions, Volume 3: Paris Theatre, London, Britain, 6-1-1978

Here's Volume 3 of the Jam at the BBC.

This time, they did another concert. But it was a short one, as they had to share an hour-long slot with another artist. It took a few months before the release of their third album "All Mod Cons," but they already played a couple of songs that would appear on that: "Billy Hunt" and "'A' Bomb in Wardour Street." Most of the rest were songs from their second album, "This Is the Modern World."

There's not much else to say. The sound quality is very good, probably better than the previous BBC concert they did.

This album is 30 minutes long.

01 talk (Jam)
02 Billy Hunt (Jam)
03 In the Street Today (Jam)
04 talk (Jam)
05 The Combine (Jam)
06 talk (Jam)
07 Sounds from the Street (Jam)
08 talk (Jam)
09 Don't Tell Them You're Sane (Jam)
10 talk (Jam)
11 The Modern World (Jam)
12 talk (Jam)
13 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street (Jam)
14 talk (Jam)
15 News of the World (Jam)
16 talk (Jam)
17 Here Comes the Weekend (Jam)
18 talk (Jam)
19 All Around the World (Jam)

The cover shows lead singer Paul Weller in concert in November 1979. It's a year off from when this concert took place, but I liked the picture of him jumping up in the air.

Ron Sexsmith Update

In 2020, I posted two albums of Ron Sexsmith playing Kinks songs on YouTube. At the time, I had eight more songs for a planned Volume 3. But it's been two years and he hasn't played any more Kinks songs since then. Instead, he's mostly been posting original material. So I've decided to take those eight extra songs and rearrange things so they fit on Volumes 1 and 2. Thus, this isn't a new album posting per se, but there's about 20 minutes more music on those than before.

Here's the link to Volume 1:

And Volume 2:

Friday, December 2, 2022

Elliott Smith - Bumbershoot Festival, KeyArena, Seattle, WA, 9-2-2000

When it comes to Elliott Smith live recordings, there are a great many, but the vast majority are audience bootlegs with variable sound quality. That's especially the case for shows when he played with a band, because it's harder to get a listenable recording than if it's a solo acoustic performance. So I was very pleased to recently come across this concert of Smith playing with a small band. It was professionally recorded in order to be broadcast over the Internet at the time, so the sound quality is really excellent. Plus, Smith was a troubled soul who could have good days and bad days, but he had his act together here.

All of the songs are with his band except the last four. I'm guessed he played all the songs the band knew, then wanted to do a few more.

There's not much else to say, since there were no problems to fix. If you enjoy his music, you should definitely give this a listen.

This album in an hour and six minutes long.

01 talk (Elliott Smith)
02 Needle in the Hay (Elliott Smith)
03 Bled White (Elliott Smith)
04 Stupidity Tries (Elliott Smith)
05 Coming Up Roses (Elliott Smith)
06 Waltz No. 2 [XO] (Elliott Smith)
07 Everything Means Nothing to Me (Elliott Smith)
08 Clementine (Elliott Smith)
09 talk (Elliott Smith)
10 Son of Sam (Elliott Smith)
11 LA (Elliott Smith)
12 Amity (Elliott Smith)
13 Ballad of Big Nothing (Elliott Smith)
14 Cupid's Trick (Elliott Smith)
15 St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith)
16 Junk Bond Trader (Elliott Smith)
17 Division Day (Elliott Smith)
18 Christian Brothers (Elliott Smith)
19 talk (Elliott Smith)
20 Angeles (Elliott Smith)
21 Fond Farewell (Elliott Smith)
22 Alameda (Elliott Smith)
23 Say Yes (Elliott Smith)

The cover is a screenshot taken from this exact concert.

Updated Links: 2018 and 2019

I hate it when you go to a website, find something you want to download, and then discover the link doesn't work. I try to keep the links here working, but the way Zippyshare works, if nobody downloads a particular zip file for 30 days, the link goes dead. I count on people telling me when links die, but apparently you folks haven't been doing enough of that, because I recently noticed lots of dead links. For instance, I've probably posted more Robyn Hitchcock albums here than that of any other artist, and the vast majority of them were dead.

So I've started systematically going through all the links on this blog to find the dead ones and fix them. I've been working in reverse, starting from the albums I posted when the blog began in 2018, since I figure more of the older links have died. It's tedious and time consuming to fix the links though, because at the same time I want to fix the volume balance between songs and the mp3 tags while I'm at it. 

(For about the first three years I posted things here, I didn't pay attention to how some songs were much louder than others. As for mp3 tags, I used to put all the source info in the album field. But then some music players like iTunes treats each different source as a different album. So I've been moving that info the comment field.)

Anyway, by and by I've been making progress. I believe I now have fixed all the links for all the albums I posted in 2018 and 2019. This is a good time to go back to those older posts and grab albums that have had dead links for months or even years.

Here's the link to the oldest page, from 2018. You could work in reverse order from there:

Also, while I was doing that, I noticed that some artists had most or sometimes even all dead links. So I've fixed ALL their links, even the ones still working, up to current day, so I could update the volume balance and mp3 tags too. Here are the ones I've fixed in the last few weeks:

Belle and Sebastian
Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Rosanne Cash
Eric Clapton
Chris Clark
Crosby, Stills, Nash and/or Young
Sheryl Crow
Nick Drake
Duckworth Lewis Method/ Pugwash
Bobbie Gentry
The Guess Who
Petra Haden
Robyn Hitchcock
The Indigo Girls
The Jam
The Kinks
Lone Justice
Los Lobos
Aimee Mann
Maria McKee
Imelda May
Midnight Oil
Van Morrison
The Move
Grace Potter
Bonnie Raitt
Reina del Cid
The Rolling Stones
The Soft Boys
Elliott Smith
Dusty Springfield
The Style Council
Richard Thompson
Pete Townshend
Paul Weller
The Who
Lucinda Williams
Neil Young

That's many hundreds of albums that have been improved and reposted recently. Plus there are even more I didn't mention, especially in cases of artists with just an album or two. So this is a great time to dig through this blog's archives, before the links die again. I'm sure there are still lots of dead links, especially from albums I posted in 2020 and 2021, but I'll be fixing those soon as well. My goal is to eventually have every album improved (with better volume balance between songs and changed mp3 tags) and every dead link working again.

If you still see dead links, please let me know and I'll fix them. If anyone wants to check all the links from 2020 to the current day, that would help me even more.

Oingo Boingo - US Festival, Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino, CA, 5-28-1983

I've already posted an Oingo Boingo concert very similar to this one (Graham Central Station, Phoenix, AZ, 9-14-1983). It comes from the same year. The reason I'm posting this is because there are very few bootlegs by this band with excellent sound quality (though many with middling to poor sound), and this sounds great. 

Also, I "liberated" this. Meaning, I doubt believe any audio recordings of this existed on the Internet. But I found a huge video file of this concert, converted it, and broke it into individual mp3 tracks.

I'm also glad to post another set from one of the US Festivals. I posted a B-52's set recently as well. Hopefully, others will emerge with similar sound quality.

 In terms of music, the band gave their usual high energy best. I saw them in concert this year when I was quite young, so this brings back good memories.

This concert is 57 minutes long.

01 talk (Oingo Boingo)
02 Cry of the Vatos [Instrumental] (Oingo Boingo)
03 Dead or Alive (Oingo Boingo)
04 Ain't This the Life (Oingo Boingo)
05 Who Do You Want to Be (Oingo Boingo)
06 talk (Oingo Boingo)
07 No Spill Blood (Oingo Boingo)
08 Private Life (Oingo Boingo)
09 talk (Oingo Boingo)
10 Grey Matter (Oingo Boingo)
11 Insects (Oingo Boingo)
12 Wild Sex [In the Working Class] (Oingo Boingo)
13 Nothing to Fear [But Fear Itself] (Oingo Boingo)
14 talk (Oingo Boingo)
15 Violent Love (Oingo Boingo)
16 talk (Oingo Boingo)
17 Sweat (Oingo Boingo)
18 talk (Oingo Boingo)
19 Capitalism (Oingo Boingo)
20 On the Outside (Oingo Boingo)
21 talk (Oingo Boingo)
22 Goodbye Goodbye (Oingo Boingo)

The cover photo is from this exact concert, as you can see from the graphic at the back of the stage. I took the writing of the band name from a concert poster.

Cliff Richard - BBC Sessions, Volume 5 (1971-1973)

Here's another album of British singer Cliff Richard at the BBC. This is the last volume of him performing BBC studio sessions. There's one more after this which is a full BBC concert.

As with past volumes, everything here remains officially unreleased. All the songs come from "Top of the Pops" transcription discs, which means the sound quality is excellent. The music peters out in 1973 because that's around the time "Top of the Pops" switched from having artists perform in the studio to just playing their records. Thanks again to musical associate Marley for providing this material.

I like this volume better than the last one. That one had some sappy ballads with lots of strings. There are only one or two of those here. He plays more classics this time, like "Fire and Rain" and "Reason to Believe."

Five of the songs have "[Edit]" in their titles. That's due to the usual problem of BBC DJs talking over the music. As usual, I used the audio editing program X-Minus to fix it.

This album is 44 minutes long.

01 I [Who Have Nothing] (Cliff Richard)
02 Don't Move Away (Cliff Richard & Olivia Newton-John)
03 The Girl Can't Help It - Great Balls of Fire - Lucille - Jailhouse Rock - Do You Want to Dance (Cliff Richard)
05 Flying Machine [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
06 Nothing Rhymed [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
07 Pigeon [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
08 Fire and Rain [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
09 Silvery Rain [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
10 Reason to Believe (Cliff Richard)
11 Sing a Song of Freedom (Cliff Richard)
12 Can't Let You Go (Cliff Richard)
13 Power to All Our Friends (Cliff Richard)
14 Help It Along (Cliff Richard)
15 The Next Time (Cliff Richard)

The cover photo comes from a concert in London in 1973.

Chris Isaak - Change Your Mind - Various Songs (1996-2007)

It's strange, but I actually prefer these Chris Isaak stray tracks collections I've made more than most of his studio albums. That's the same with Norah Jones for me. I suspect it's because these artists stick to certain expectations and styles on their own albums, but let their hair down and do more varied things when it comes to stray tracks.

This album is a case in point. It still has that distinctive Chris Isaak sound. Many of the songs are originals, and it sets a sad, romantic mood much of the time. Yet he covers a bunch of interesting songs from Cheap Trick ("I Want You to Want Me") to Judy Garland ("Over the Rainbow")!

All but three of the songs here are officially released. Six come from B-sides. Another is from a best of, and most of the rest are from soundtracks or various artists compilations. The two unreleased ones are "Get Rhythm" - from a TV tribute to Johnny Cash, "Devil in Disguise" - from a TV tribute to Elvis Presley, and an acoustic band version of "Solitary Man" - from a concert broadcast on TV. All three of those TV sources sound better than most bootlegs, so there's high sound quality all through this album.

I have one more stray tracks album from him to post. Then I have some acoustic stuff from him.

This album is 44 minutes long.

01 Change Your Mind (Chris Isaak)
02 The Little White Cloud that Cried (Chris Isaak)
03 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Chris Isaak)
04 Eyes of Texas (Chris Isaak)
05 So Lovely Is the Night (Chris Isaak)
06 Everyone Gets Down (Chris Isaak)
07 Fast N' Slow (Chris Isaak)
08 Get Rhythm (Chris Isaak)
09 Winter Waves (Chris Isaak)
10 It Wouldn't Be the Same without You (Chris Isaak)
11 Devil in Disguise (Chris Isaak & LeAnn Rimes)
12 Besame Mucho (Chris Isaak)
13 Solitary Man [Acoustic Band Version] (Chris Isaak)
14 I Want You to Want Me (Chris Isaak)
15 Over the Rainbow (Chris Isaak & Jerry Lee Lewis)

The cover image comes from a concert poster from this time period. It was rectangular shaped, as most posters are, but I cropped the bottom portion, and brought the bottom jagged edge up.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Chicken Shack - BBC Sessions (1968-1970)

Here's something else I'm posting in tribute to Christine McVie, who died today (November 30, 2022) at the age of 79. She started her musical career as the keyboardist and one of two lead vocalists for the British blues band Chicken Shack. She didn't stay with the band long, only about a year, but she sang on their one big hit, "I'd Rather Go Blind." Then she put out a solo album before joining Fleetwood Mac. (At the time, she was known as Christine Perfect, but she changed her name after marrying Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie in 1970.)

I believe I've already posted all the Chicken Shack BBC performances where the lead vocals were done by McVie, on various Fleetwood Mac BBC albums I made, as well as a McVie-focused album called "On My Way." But since I'm posting so many BBC albums, I figure Chicken Shack deserves one. So all those McVie sung songs are here too. But there are more songs sung by the band's lead guitarist Stan Webb.

In my opinion, Webb was a talented lead guitarist, but only an average singer. He should have replaced McVie with another female vocalist to keep things more interesting. Instead, when McVie left in mid-1969, he took over all the vocals. The band continues to this day, still led by Webb, but they never were as popular as they were when McVie was a member. She's on the first 14 songs here, singing lead on about half of them and playing keyboards on all of them. The last twenty minutes (tracks 17 to 21) are all sung by Webb after she left. I couldn't find any more BBC sessions after 1970. As I said, their popularity declined after McVie left.

Everything here is officially unreleased. There is an album of the band's BBC recordings out there called "On Air," but it seems to be one of those many grey market releases, taking advantage of European copyright law. Everything does come from BBC studio sessions. A few of the songs have "[Edit]" in their names, due to the usual problem of BBC DJs talking over the music. As I usually do, I used the X-Minus audio editing program to wipe out that talking.

This album is an hour and five minutes long. If I had a few more songs, I would have had enough for two volumes. Instead, it's just one long one.

01 When the Train Comes Back (Chicken Shack)
02 It's OK with Me Baby [Edit] (Chicken Shack)
03 See My Baby [Edit] (Chicken Shack)
04 Waiting on You (Chicken Shack)
05 Strange Things Happening [Love Me or Leave Me] (Chicken Shack)
06 Every Day I Have the Blues (Chicken Shack)
07 Night Life (Chicken Shack)
08 Side Tracked [Instrumental] [Edit] (Chicken Shack)
09 Mean Old World (Chicken Shack)
10 Get like You Used to Be [Edit] (Chicken Shack)
11 You Done Lost that Good Thing Now (Chicken Shack)
12 I'd Rather Go Blind (Chicken Shack)
13 Hey Baby (Chicken Shack)
14 Look Ma I'm Crying (Chicken Shack)
15 Tears in the Wind (Chicken Shack)
16 Midnight Hour (Chicken Shack)
17 Things You Put Me Through (Chicken Shack)
18 Tired Eyes [Edit] (Chicken Shack)
19 Telling Your Fortune (Chicken Shack)
20 You Knew You Did You Did (Chicken Shack)
21 My Way (Chicken Shack)

The cover photo dates to 1968. McVie, sitting at the piano, used to be further to the right. But I used Photoshop to slide her closer to the others to better fit the square space.

Petula Clark - Ed Sullivan Show Performances, 1965-1969

British singer Petula Clark was a big star in Britain in the 1960s. She sang the kind of mainstream pop that the BBC loved. So you'd think she would have done many BBC sessions. But I can't find evidence of even a single BBC appearance until well into the 1970s. However, I noticed that she did make many appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in the US. Promotion like that helped her become a big star in the US as well. She performed so many songs on that show that there's enough for an album. I consider this kind of a substitute for the BBC album that should have been.

As far as I know, all of these Ed Sullivan appearances are unreleased. But a nice thing about that show is that there's YouTube account for it that posts videos in excellent sound quality. Everything here comes from those YouTube videos. It also goes without saying that I wouldn't bother with this if the performances were lip-synced, but all of these were done live. That seems to have been the rule for that TV show in those days. The only snag in terms of sound quality is an enthusiastic audience cheering over the music sometimes, but that can't be helped.

Clark played most of her big songs here, but not all of them. She also did some unusual choices, including "A Foggy Day in London Town," a song she never put on record, and a couple of songs in French. Unfortunately, a couple of songs are truncated due to being in medleys. For instance, "Don't Sleep in the Subway" is only about a minute long. (I didn't include the rest of the medley since it was "Who Am I," a song presented earlier.) I tried extending it, but that didn't work because the song had already changed keys.

Clark's music isn't for anyone. It's very mainstream and poppy - there's lots of strings here, and no wailing guitar solos. But if you're into that kind of thing, she had a string of classics, mostly thanks to the songwriting talent of Tony Hatch, who wrote (or co-wrote) and produced most of her hit singles.

The Ed Sullivan Show continued until 1971, but the last performance from her that I could find is from 1969. That's not too surprising, since her hit singles stopped around that time.

This album is 43 minutes long.

01 Downtown (Petula Clark)
02 I Know a Place (Petula Clark)
03 A Foggy Day in London Town (Petula Clark)
04 Round Every Corner (Petula Clark)
05 My Love (Petula Clark)
06 I Want to Hold Your Hand (Petula Clark)
07 Sign of the Times (Petula Clark)
08 Just Say Goodbye (Petula Clark)
09 Come Rain or Come Shine (Petula Clark)
10 Who Am I (Petula Clark)
11 Colour My World (Petula Clark)
12 Elusive Butterfly (Petula Clark)
13 C'est Ma Chanson - This Is My Song (Petula Clark)
14 Je Me Sens Bien [Aupres de Toi] - My Love (Petula Clark)
15 Don't Sleep in the Subway (Petula Clark)
16 The Cat in the Window [The Bird in the Sky] (Petula Clark)
17 Fill the World with Love (Petula Clark)
18 The Fool on the Hill (Petula Clark)

The cover is a promo photo from 1967. I took Clark's name and the Ed Sullivan Show logo from here and there on the Internet.

Dire Straits - Radio Liverpool, Quaintway's Club, Chester, Britain, 4-19-1978

I've been wanting to post whatever the British band Dire Straits has done for the BBC. It turns out there's not much. They did two short concerts in 1978, plus played a couple of songs for BBC TV, and that's it. The longer of the 1978 concerts has been officially released as the album "Live at the BBC." I do plan to post an album of the other 1978 concert plus some other songs. But first, there's this, since it comes early chronologically.

Often times, the BBC concert is the one to get, if only due to superior sound quality. But in the case of early Dire Straits live music, that's not the case. I found a different concert recorded for a radio station that beats either of the 1978 BBC shows, in my opinion. The sound quality is great despite the fact that it's a bootleg, and it's a bit longer than either of the other two. It's a concert recorded for a radio station in Liverpool about six months before the band's debut album was released. 

There were no problems with this recording. It's impressive how good this sounds considering that it's lucky that this concert bootleg has survived at all. It contains the same songs as the "Live at the BBC" album except it has "In the Gallery" instead of "What's the Matter Baby." (I'm not counting "Tunnel of Love" on the official album, since that doesn't belong there. It's not from the same concert as the others, and although it claims to be from a BBC TV show, it actually is from a concert in Germany.)

01 talk (Dire Straits)
02 Down to the Waterline (Dire Straits)
03 Six Blade Knife (Dire Straits)
04 talk (Dire Straits)
05 In the Gallery (Dire Straits)
06 talk (Dire Straits)
07 Eastbound Train (Dire Straits)
08 talk (Dire Straits)
09 Water of love (Dire Straits)
10 Lions (Dire Straits)
11 Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)
12 talk (Dire Straits)
13 Wild West End (Dire Straits)
14 talk (Dire Straits)

The cover photo shows the band playing at the Paradiso club in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1978.

Fleetwood Mac - BBC Sessions, Volume 8: In Concert, Maine Road Stadium, Manchester, Britain, 8-25-1990

As I write this on November 30, 2022, I'm sad to pass on the news that Christine McVie, longtime singer and songwriter for Fleetwood Mac, died today, of natural causes. She was 79. To celebrate her musical legacy, I wanted to post something featuring her. I've posted seven albums of Fleetwood Mac playing for the BBC, all in the 1960s or early 1970s. It turns out they made one more appearance for the BBC, a concert nearly two decades later in 1990. So here is that concert.

This concert took place during a difficult time for the band. They released the successful album "Tango in the Night" in 1987. But then one of their three key singer-songwriters, Lindsey Buckingham, quit the band before the start of their tour to support the album. He was replaced by two guitarists, Billy Burnette and Rick Vito. Both of the other two key singer-songwriters, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks stayed on board. This new version of the band released the album "Behind the Mask" in 1990. The lack of Buckingham was noticeable, and sales and reviews were disappointing. This concert was part of the tour to support that album.

If you're not a fan of "Behind the Mask," don't worry. Only three songs from it were played here, and one of those is the very good hit single "Save Me." This a good concert for Christine McVie fans because without Buckingham, naturally more of the songs were sung by either McVie or Nicks, with only a few sung by either of the new guitarists.

The sound quality is excellent, as you'd expect from the BBC. But there were a few problems, most of which I fixed. The main version I used lacked all of the first song and half of the second one, as well as the musical intro to "Little Lies." Luckily, I found a second version of the concert on YouTube. The sound quality was ever so slightly worse, but I used that version to fill in the missing parts. "The Chain" and "Little Lies" have "[Edit]" in their titles, since they were spliced together from two different versions. The main version also ended with a handful of songs from a early 1980s Stevie Nicks solo concert, but were not labelled as such. I deleted those, since they have nothing to do with this concert.

Another problem just comes down to personal preference. There was a drum solo in "World Turning" that went on way too long for my tastes. Since I mainly make these albums for my own enjoyment, I cut that down drastically. I removed over 10 minutes of music, and yet I kept some of the solo, leaving the song 10 minutes long.

This album is an hour and 54 minutes long. Rest in peace, Christine.

01 In the Back of My Mind (Fleetwood Mac)
02 The Chain [Edit] (Fleetwood Mac)
03 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
04 Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
05 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
06 Isn't It Midnight (Fleetwood Mac)
07 Oh Well, Part 1 (Fleetwood Mac)
08 Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
09 Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac)
10 Save Me (Fleetwood Mac)
11 Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac)
12 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
13 I Loved Another Woman (Fleetwood Mac)
14 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
15 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
16 World Turning [Edit] (Fleetwood Mac)
17 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
18 Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac)
19 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
20 Stand on the Rock (Fleetwood Mac)
21 Little Lies [Edit] (Fleetwood Mac)
22 Stand Back (Fleetwood Mac)
23 You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac)
24 Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)
25 talk (Fleetwood Mac)
26 Tear It Up (Fleetwood Mac)
27 Don't Stop (Fleetwood Mac)

I found a bunch of color photos of the band in concert in 1990, but I couldn't find just one that I especially liked. So I used Photoshop to combine two into one. Both are from the same concert in Minnesota, so both have the same general lighting. But one is of Christine McVie, and the other is of Stevie Nicks. I hope they look okay standing together.

Pete Townshend - The Roundhouse, London, Britain, 4-14-1974

If you're a Pete Townshend and/or Who fan, this is a must have album. I've never shared it before because the sound quality was a little under par. But yesterday (as I write this in November 2022), musical associate Lil Panda posted an improved version. He used audio editing programs like Spleeter or X-Minus that have emerged in recent years to improve the mix. Most importantly, he boosted the lead vocals. This is basically his version, though I trimmed the dead air between songs a bit. This still is based on an audience bootleg and the sound quality isn't stellar, but now it's good enough to be very listenable.

What makes this special is that it's a unique concert in Pete Townshend's musical history. For all of the 1960s and 1970s, he was fully dedicated to the Who. He didn't play any solo concerts until 1979, and precious few for many years after that. The first good recording of any such concert comes from 1985. Yet he did this one concert in 1974 for a local charity, playing many songs that he's never played before or since.

Here's a blurb about it written by rock critic Dave Marsh in his book "Before I Get Old - The
Story of The Who":

"On April 14, 1974 (Easter Sunday), Townshend played a solo gig-the first of his career, for the Camden Square Community Play Centre ... Meant to be a quiet afternoon's entertainment, the solo show was blown out of all proportion when the press got word of it. Townshend spent a panicky week's preparation, then came out and did a fairly casual show using electric and acoustic guitars, piano, some synthesizer tapes and the original "My Generation" demo as he ran through a set that also included 'The Seeker', Jimmy Reed's 'Big Boss Man', 'Substitute,' and 'Pinball Wizard'. Despite a drunken heckler, the show was well-received and Pete was surprisingly confident."

The concert featured just Townshend, on either piano, electric guitar, or acoustic guitar. But he used some tape loops for drumbeats on a few songs. He also played some recordings, for instance demo versions of "My Generation." The most unusual feature of the concert are the many cover songs that he rarely played in concert again, if ever: "Big Boss Man," "Amoreuse," "If I Were a Carpenter,"  "Going to New York," "Girl from the North Country," "Corrina, Corrina," and "No Face, No Name, No Number."

This album is an hour and 14 minutes long.

01 The Seeker (Pete Townshend)
02 talk (Pete Townshend)
03 Big Boss Man (Pete Townshend)
04 talk (Pete Townshend)
05 Substitute (Pete Townshend)
06 talk (Pete Townshend)
07 Amoreuse (Pete Townshend)
08 talk (Pete Townshend)
09 If I Were a Carpenter (Pete Townshend)
10 talk (Pete Townshend)
11 Happy Jack (Pete Townshend)
12 talk (Pete Townshend)
13 Tattoo (Pete Townshend)
14 talk (Pete Townshend)
15 Join My Gang (Pete Townshend)
16 talk (Pete Townshend)
17 Behind Blue Eyes (Pete Townshend)
18 Going to New York (Pete Townshend)
19 talk (Pete Townshend)
20 talk - My Generation Demos (Pete Townshend)
21 Girl from the North Country (Pete Townshend)
22 Corrina, Corrina (Pete Townshend)
23 talk (Pete Townshend)
24 No Face, No Name, No Number (Pete Townshend)
25 Let's See Action [Nothing Is Everything] (Pete Townshend)
26 Pinball Wizard (Pete Townshend)
27 See Me, Feel Me (Pete Townshend)
28 My Generation (Pete Townshend)
29 Magic Bus (Pete Townshend)
30 My Generation [Second Version] (Pete Townshend)

For the cover, I was able to find a photo from the actual concert featured here. The picture quality wasn't that great, but I was able to improve it some using Photoshop.

The Kinks - BBC Sessions, Volume 8: In Concert, The Palladium, New York City, 12-31-1980

First off, the number of this BBC volume needs explaining. It recently occurred to me that a 1975 Kinks concert I'd previously posted here was in fact a BBC concert. So I made that one "Volume 5" in this series. (It's a concert of the "Soap Opera" concept album.) Then I renumbered the volumes that come after that. This one then gets inserted and the two that come after get renumbered a bit more. For instance, what previously had been "Volume 8" is now "Volume 10." Confusing, I know, but hopefully this will be the final time I have to do such a renumbering.

With that out of the way, let's get to this concert. I didn't realize at first that this was a BBC concert, because it took place in New York City and was broadcast on a US radio station. But it turns out it was also broadcast in Britain by the BBC. I've even heard the version with a British accented DJ introducing the show to prove it.

Perhaps because this was recorded by a US radio station instead of the BBC, the sound quality was a bit lacking. But I decided the main problem was the lead vocals were too low, and that's something I can fix today, thanks to audio editing programs like X-Minus. So I used that to boost the vocals of every single song. It couldn't do anything for the banter between songs, since the program can't differentiate the vocals of lead singer Ray Davies from the cheering crowd, but it helped a lot with the actual songs.

This isn't that different from the official live album "One for the Road." Both are based on 1980 concert recordings supporting the band's "Low Budget" album. But I prefer full concerts like this over those taken from multiple concerts, like the "One for the Road" album does. Also, the set list is somewhat different. The band even played one song destined for their next album of the same name, "Give the People What They Want."

Speaking of that song, the X-Minus program had to do some extra work on that one. There was some talking that sounded as if it wasn't from the concert at all, but somehow recorded on top of it. There even was a female voice saying the line "At the tone the time will be," which is what you get when you call for the current time! I had to patch in some vocals from a different concert, because some of the talking was over the lead vocals, but you shouldn't be able to hear anything strange now.

Oh, the entire musical intro to "David Watts" was patched in from the "One for the Road" version of the song. I found two versions of this concert. The BBC version didn't have the encore, so it was missing that. The other version had so much DJ talking and cheering over the intro that it couldn't be fixed well. But I think it sounds good now.

This album is an hour and 32 minutes long.

01 You Really Got Me [Instrumental] (Kinks)
02 The Hard Way (Kinks)
03 talk (Kinks)
04 Where Have All the Good Times Gone - Tired of Waiting for You (Kinks)
05 talk (Kinks)
06 Catch Me Now, I'm Falling (Kinks)
07 talk (Kinks)
08 Bird Dog (Kinks)
09 talk (Kinks)
10 N. Y. C. Blues (Kinks)
11 talk (Kinks)
12 Lola (Kinks)
13 Dead End Street (Kinks)
14 Till the End of the Day (Kinks)
15 Low Budget (Kinks)
16 talk (Kinks)
17 Imagination's Real (Kinks)
18 Nothin' More to Lose (Kinks)
19 talk (Kinks)
20 I'm Not like Everybody Else (Kinks)
21 Come On Now (Kinks)
22 talk (Kinks)
23 You Really Got Me (Kinks)
24 talk (Kinks)
25 Give the People What They Want (Kinks)
26 A Gallon of Gas (Kinks)
27 Cellluloid Heroes (Kinks)
28 talk (Kinks)
29 All Day and All of the Night (Kinks)
30 talk (Kinks)
31 David Watts (Kinks)
32 Pressure (Kinks)
33 [Wish I Could Fly Like] Superman (Kinks)

The cover photo of lead singer Ray Davies comes from 1980, but I don't know any more than that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mary Chapin Carpenter - BBC in Concert, Her Majesty's Theatre, London, Britain, 12-10-1994

Here's yet another BBC concert. I could only find one instance of Mary Chapin Carpenter playing for the BBC, but it's a good one.

This concert features Carpenter mostly in acoustic mode, with just a couple of backing musicians and no drummer. 

There isn't much banter between songs, but several times she starts a song by making some comments over the music. There's a running joke about her crush on actor Hugh Grant that's amusing.

Although this is unreleased, the sound quality is as excellent as you'd expect from the BBC.

This concert is 56 minutes long.

01 This Is Love (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
02 Stones in the Road (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
03 Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
04 A Keeper for Every Flame (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
05 The Last Word (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
06 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
07 Shut Up and Kiss Me (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
08 Where Time Stands Still (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
09 The Hard Way (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
10 Quittin' Time (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
11 I Feel Lucky (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
12 He Thinks He'll Keep Her (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

The cover photo comes from an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1994. 

The Who - BBC Sessions, Volume 2: 1966-1967

This is the second of four albums dealing with the Who's performances at the BBC.

Note that, on November 28, 2022, I split what had been "Volume 2" into two parts, after finding more material from this time period. Part of what had been "Volume 2" is now "Volume 3." If you're interested in this at all, you should get that too. Here's the link:

Additionally, I renamed what had been "Volume 3" to "Volume 4" for obvious reasons.

There is an official album of this BBC material, called "BBC Sessions." But I think I've improved that in some ways, such as adding some songs that were missed or were done for other radio or TV shows, as well as removing the BBC DJ talk over some songs.

The main reason I found enough material to split an album in two is due to a blogger named Prof. Stoned. He's done a great job finding the best versions of albums by classic rock artists, often remixing them to get the most out of them. Here's his blog:

He had improved the Who's BBC sessions, so I wanted to redo my albums based on his work. While doing so, I realized he'd found some BBC recordings I'd missed. For instance, on this album, "So Sad about Us," "Summertime Blues," "Our Love Was," and "Relax" are all actual BBC studio performances is fine audio quality, so I'm not sure why they weren't on the official album.

Another ten songs here are BBC studio versions from the official album. I used the Prof. Stoned versions for all of those too.

Two other songs come from non-BBC bootleg sources. "Barbara Ann" was done for a French TV show. "Glittering Girl" is an odd one. This song was never done by the Who in concert, and only came out on an archival release decades later. But there's some footage from a German TV show of main songwriter Pete Townshend singing part of the song on acoustic guitar for the band's managers. Then there's another snippet of the full band practicing it in a rehearsal. I cleaned up these sections a bit, removing some talking over the music and cutting out some talking between sections. (That's why there's an "[Edit]" in the title. All together, the sections only amount to about two minutes of music. But still, I thought it's interesting enough to inclusion.

Four other songs have "[Edit]" in their titles too. That's due to the usual problem of BBC DJs talking over the music. As usual, I used the X-Minus audio editing program to wipe out the talking while keeping the underlying music.

This album is 45 minutes long.

01 Boris the Spider [Radio 1 Jingle] (Who)
02 Substitute (Who)
03 Barbara Ann (Who)
04 Disguises [Edit] (Who)
05 I'm a Boy [Edit] (Who)
06 So Sad about Us (Who)
07 Boris the Spider [Edit] (Who)
08 Run, Run, Run [Edit] (Who)
09 Happy Jack (Who)
10 See My Way (Who)
11 Glittering Girl [Rehearsal Version] [Edit] (Who)
12 A Quick One while He's Away (Who)
13 Summertime Blues (Who)
14 Pictures of Lily (Who)
15 Our Love Was (Who)
16 Relax (Who)

The cover photo comes from the band playing on a Danish TV show called "Klar I Studiet" in October 1966 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carole King - BBC in Concert, Royal Albert Hall, London, Britain, 7-13-1989

I keep finding so many BBC concerts that I'm posting a lot of them in a hurry just to keep up with the flood. I already posted one by Carole King that dates back to 1971. I wasn't that impressed with that one, since it's a short show and there are longer ones available from that time period. But I was pleasantly surprised by how good this one is. If you're a fan of her music, you should give it a listen.

King is one of the most successful songwriters of all time, having written or co-written over 100 hits. Hopefully, she's sitting on a mountain of money from all her hit songs. But all that success has meant that she didn't need to go on tour unless she really wanted to. Apparently, she's shy and usually didn't want to. Looking at the database, it seems she's only done two major tours since the 1970s, in 1989 and 2005. By the 1980s, her sales were way down from the millions and millions of albums she sold in the early 1970s. But this is a solid concert, both the new and old songs. She's surprisingly rocking at times, while performing solo on piano at other times.

This concert is unreleased. But it's up to the usual high BBC sound quality standards.

This album is 57 minutes long. I suspect it may have been edited down by the BBC to fit an hour length format.

01 Home Again (Carole King)
02 talk (Carole King)
03 Hard Rock Cafe (Carole King)
04 Smackwater Jack (Carole King)
05 talk (Carole King)
06 Tapestry (Carole King)
07 talk (Carole King)
08 So Far Away (Carole King)
09 talk (Carole King)
10 City Streets (Carole King)
11 Jazzman (Carole King)
12 Someone Who Believes in You (Carole King)
13 Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Carole King)
14 Way Over Yonder (Carole King)
15 I Feel the Earth Move (Carole King)
16 [You Make Me Feel Like] A Natural Woman (Carole King)
17 You've Got a Friend (Carole King)
18 The Locomotion (Carole King)

The cover photo comes from a 1989 concert, but I don't know the details.

UB40 - BBC in Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, Britain, 1-7-1984

To be honest, I'm only interested in the first few years of UB40's long career. They started out with a lot of promise, writing good songs with a political edge, but eventually turned into a bland, adult contemporary reggae-lite band that I don't have much interest in. In retrospect, the turning point probably was their 1983 album "Labour of Love." It consisted entirely of covers, and was a huge hit. I really like that album, but I think it showed them that they could have much more success doing covers than doing their own material.

Anyway, it turns out that UB40 did three BBC concerts in 1983 and 1984. That's probably too much. I've already posted one from early 1983, before they did any of their "Labour of Love" songs. This one is from the start of 1984, and consists mostly of "Labour of Love" songs, so I figure both concerts are worthwhile. For the BBC show in between, they are three nice songs that aren't played on the 1984 one. So I've added those as quasi-bonus tracks at the beginning.

This concert was included on a deluxe edition of the "Labour of Love" album, so the sound quality is great. The three tracks from a different show are unreleased.

This album is an hour and six minutes long. The concert without the three extra songs at the start is 55 minutes long.

01 Nkomo-a-Go-Go [Instrumental] (UB40)
02 Dubmobile (UB40)
03 I've Got Mine (UB40)
04 One in Ten (UB40)
05 talk (UB40)
06 Keep On Moving (UB40)
07 talk (UB40)
08 Don't Let It Pass You By (UB40)
09 talk (UB40)
10 Love Is All Is Alright (UB40)
11 talk (UB40)
12 Johnny Too Bad (UB40)
13 talk (UB40)
14 Sweet Sensation (UB40)
15 talk (UB40)
16 Cherry Oh Baby (UB40)
17 talk (UB40)
18 Red Red Wine (UB40)
19 Please Don't Make Me Cry (UB40)
20 Present Arms (UB40)
21 Tyler (UB40)

I couldn't find any really good photos from 1984, but I found one from 1985.

Monday, November 28, 2022

The Pretty Things - BBC Sessions, Volume 3:John Peel's Sunday Concert, London, Britain, 6-14-1970

I recently noticed that although I've posted three volumes of the Pretty Things at the BBC, I never posted any concerts from them. There's very little live music from their late 1960s/early 1970s heyday that has been recorded with good sound quality. But there is a BBC from 1970. I hadn't posted it previously because it's rather short, at only 27 minutes. I'm guessing the band was given half of an hour long show, which was common in those days. However, I've decided to post it anyway. Since it is short, I've added three songs to give it a more decent length.

The main show featured here was hosted by BBC DJ John Peel. I'm sure there's an introduction that's missing, since he always had one at the start of his shows. But other than that, it's complete. It also has excellent sound quality, helped by the fact that it's been officially released as part of the album "At the BBC."

Just about the only other excellent sounding concert recording from this time is from the Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1969. Unfortunately, it only features a few full songs. I've already included three of those on "Volume 2" of my BBC series, since they were never otherwise done for the BBC at the time. That left two other full songs, neither of which were played for the John Peel concert in 1970. So I've put those two at the start. However, I noticed the lead vocals were rather low in the mix, so I boosted those using the X-Minus audio editing program. That's why they have "[Edit]" in their titles.

The other song I've added is the last one, "Cries from the Midnight Circus." It was done live for the Beat Club TV show in Germany. (You can find a video of it on YouTube.) I put it at the end because it took place after the John Peel show. I added some applause at the end since to help it fit in with the other songs, since it was played without any audience there. I also added applause to the two Amsterdam songs at the start. Those were done in front an audience, but the recording barely captured any of the clapping.

This album is 41 minutes long, including the three extra songs.

Note that there already was a "Volume 3." But I just renamed that "Volume 4" to make room for this one. I just redid the cover art for that one, and made other changes with the new title. I also redid the cover art for Volumes 1 and 2, since I'd never put "Volume" in their titles.

01 She Says Good Morning [Edit] (Pretty Things)
02 SF Sorrow Is Born [Edit] (Pretty Things)
03 Blue Serge Blues (Pretty Things)
04 talk (Pretty Things)
05 She's a Lover (Pretty Things)
06 talk (Pretty Things)
07 In the Square (Pretty Things)
08 The Letter (Pretty Things)
09 Rain (Pretty Things)
10 talk (Pretty Things)
11 Sickle Clowns (Pretty Things)
12 Old Man Going (Pretty Things)
13 Cries from the Midnight Circus (Pretty Things)

I'm not sure when or where the cover photo comes from. But based on the hair styles and clothes, it looks to be around 1970.

Tom Jones - BBC Sessions, Volume 4: In Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, Britain, 4-20-1991

I'd posted three albums of Tom Jones BBC Sessions, all from the 1960s. I posted even more albums of his duet-heavy TV show "This Is Tom Jones." I thought I was all done with him. I'm not even that big of a Tom Jones fan, to be honest. But I recently stumbled across this concert from much later. Since it fits my BBC project, I gave it a listen and decided it's pretty good. So here you go.

Towards the late 1980s, it seemed as if Tom Jones was washed up, other than as an oldies act. But then he had a big hit in 1987 with "A Boy from Nowhere" then another hit 1988 with a cover of Prince's "Kiss." His career was revitalized and he would continue to have hits into the 2000s. This concert came after the release of his 1991 album "Carrying a Torch." That album didn't have any big hits or get great reviews. But some songs on it were produced by Van Morrison, including the title song and "I'm Not Feeling It Anymore," both of them featured here. So it brought him back to his soul roots. I think that makes it an especially good time for a concert recording (although a couple of songs from his latest album are duds, in my opinion).

As usual, the BBC sound quality is excellent. One nice thing is that he did a few rocking songs that he never released on album. "Good Times" was a hit by the Easybeats back in the 1960s. "Texas Twister" was a hit by Little Feat just the year before.

This concert is an hour and 43 minutes long.

01 Good Times (Tom Jones)
02 Hard to Handle (Tom Jones)
03 Love Me Tonight (Tom Jones)
04 talk (Tom Jones)
05 Give Me a Chance (Tom Jones)
06 What's New Pussycat (Tom Jones)
07 Help Yourself (Tom Jones)
08 talk (Tom Jones)
09 Killer on the Sheets (Tom Jones)
10 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (Tom Jones)
11 I [Who Have Nothing] (Tom Jones)
12 Zip It Up (Tom Jones)
13 Delilah (Tom Jones)
14 Daughter of Darkness (Tom Jones)
15 Fool for Rock 'n' Roll (Tom Jones)
16 Carrying a Torch (Tom Jones)
17 Some Peace of Mind (Tom Jones)
18 It Must Be You (Tom Jones)
19 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (Tom Jones)
20 Green, Green Grass of Home (Tom Jones)
21 A Boy from Nowhere (Tom Jones)
22 talk (Tom Jones)
23 I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Tom Jones)
24 talk (Tom Jones)
25 Texas Twister (Tom Jones)
26 Kiss (Tom Jones)
27 It's Not Unusual (Tom Jones)
28 Long Way from Home (Tom Jones)
29 Shelter Me (Tom Jones)

The cover photo of Jones is from Wembley Arena in London in May 1991.

Madness - BBC Sessions, Volume 2: In Concert, Hammersmith Odeon, London, Britain, 12-23-1980

The second volume of the British band Madness at the BBC features a full concert.

This entire concert was released as bonus tracks on a deluxe edition of the band's 1980 album "Absolutely." It's from when the band was still heavily into ska.

There's not much else to say. For once, there were no problems or complications.

This album is 55 minutes long.

01 One Step Beyond (Madness)
02 talk (Madness)
03 E.R.N.I.E. (Madness)
04 Mistakes (Madness)
05 talk (Madness)
06 Disappear (Madness)
07 Bed and Breakfast Man (Madness)
08 talk (Madness)
09 The Return of the Los Palmas 7 [Instrumental] (Madness)
10 Close Escape (Madness)
11 talk (Madness)
12 Overdone (Madness)
13 talk (Madness)
14 Not Home Today (Madness)
15 Razor Blade Alley (Madness)
16 talk (Madness)
17 My Girl (Madness)
18 Take It or Leave It (Madness)
19 talk (Madness)
20 On the Beat Pete (Madness)
21 Embarrassment (Madness)
22 Shadow of Fear (Madness)
23 You Said (Madness)
24 talk (Madness)
25 In the Middle of the Night (Madness)
26 The Prince (Madness)
27 Baggy Trousers (Madness)
28 Rockin' in a Flat (Madness)
29 Madness (Madness)

The cover photo comes from an appearance on a short-lived TV show called "Cheggers Play Pop" in 1982. I would have preferred something from 1980, but this was the closest in time I could find that looked good and showed the whole band on stage.

The Jam - BBC Sessions, Volume 2: 100 Club, London, Britain, 9-11-1977

Here is the second album of the Jam at the BBC. The first one came from BBC studio sessions, but this one is an entire (though relatively short) concert.

When this concert came out in 1977, punk rock was all the rage. The Jam had lots of rocking energy, like punk, but it's interesting to see them doing covers of no less than six songs from the 1950s or 60s: "So Sad about Us" by the Who, "(Love Is like A) Heat Wave" by the Motown band Martha and the Vandellas, "Back in My Arms Again" by the Supremes, "Slow Down," by Larry Williams, "Sweet Soul Music" by Arthur Conley, and "In the Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett. Clearly, they were different than typical punk bands, with deeper musical roots.

This concert was released on a live box set called "Fire and Skill." But I thought the vocals were a bit low, so I boosted them using the X-Minus audio editing program.

Note that it appears the band was short on songs to play, so they played "in the City" twice, the second time as the encore.

This concert is 55 minutes long.

01 talk (Jam)
02 I've Changed My Address (Jam)
03 Carnaby Street (Jam)
04 talk (Jam)
05 The Modern World (Jam)
06 talk (Jam)
07 Time for Truth (Jam)
08 talk (Jam)
09 So Sad about Us (Jam)
10 talk (Jam)
11 London Girl (Jam)
12 In the Street Today (Jam)
13 talk (Jam)
14 Standards (Jam)
15 talk (Jam)
16 All Around the World (Jam)
17 talk (Jam)
18 London Traffic (Jam)
19 talk (Jam)
20 [Love Is like A] Heat Wave (Jam)
21 Sweet Soul Music (Jam)
22 talk (Jam)
23 Bricks and Mortar (Jam)
24 talk (Jam)
25 In the City (Jam)
26 talk (Jam)
27 Art School (Jam)
28 talk (Jam)
29 Back in My Arms Again (Jam)
30 talk (Jam)
31 Slow Down (Jam)
32 talk (Jam)
33 In the Midnight Hour (Jam)
34 talk (Jam)
35 Sounds from the Street (Jam)
36 talk (Jam)
37 Takin' My Love (Jam)
38 talk (Jam)
39 In the City (Jam)

The cover photo was taken at a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1977.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cliff Richard - BBC Sessions, Volume 4: 1969-1971

This is the fourth of six volumes of Cliff Richard at the BBC.

Richard continued to be popular during this time, with yet more hits in Britain. Personally, I'm not as keen on this volume as the previous ones. He played more middle of the road stuff, sometimes with strings, and less rock and roll. But if you're a fan of his music, you'll probably be into that anyway.

Everything here remains officially unreleased. Almost all the songs come from pristine "Top of the Pops" transcription discs. Thanks to musical associate Marley for helping me find these.

The two exceptions are the first song, a duet of "The Look of Love" and "Walk on By" with Cilla Black, and "The Lady Came from Baltimore." The first comes from Black's TV show "Cilla," and the second comes from a German TV show.

The songs here had the usual problem of BBC DJs talking over the music. As usual, I used the X-Minus audio editing program to remove the talking but keep the music. Those are the ones with "[Edit]" in their titles.

This album is 43 minutes long.

01 The Look of Love - Walk On By (Cliff Richard & Cilla Black)
02 Good Times [Better Times] [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
03 Big Ship [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
04 Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon (Cliff Richard)
05 The Minute You’re Gone [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
06 Throw Down a Line (Cliff Richard & Hank Marvin)
07 Baby, I Could Be So Good [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
08 With the Eyes of a Child (Cliff Richard)
09 So Long (Cliff Richard)
10 The Lady Came from Baltimore (Cliff Richard)
11 I Ain’t Got Time Anymore (Cliff Richard)
12 Your Heart’s Not in Your Love (Cliff Richard)
13 Are You Only Fooling Me [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
14 Don’t Ask Me to Be Friends (Cliff Richard)
15 Sunny Honey Girl [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
16 As I Walk into the Morning of Your Life [Edit] (Cliff Richard)

The cover photo is from May 1970, but I don't know any more than that.

Stevie Wonder - BBC Abbey Road Studio One, Abbey Road Studios, London, Britain, 11-9-2005

It seems that the vast majority of big names in music have performed for the BBC at one time or another. Unfortunately when it comes to Stevie Wonder, I know of only one concert he did for the BBC, and that one occurred relatively late in his career, in 2005. Still, it's a winner. It's a long concert, with excellent sound quality, and a lively performance. And if you're not that into his more recent songs, there are only a few of those. Instead, he focused on his classic hits. This is one of the most popular Stevie Wonder bootlegs, and with good reason.

One minor problem is that the BBC edited this down. Other people later put it back together, because different rebroadcasts had different set lists. But apparently the recordings of two of the songs still haven't come to light. One of them is a long version of "Do I Do." I suspect also that a lot of the banter between songs was cut out.  

This album is an hour and 59 minutes long.

01 talk (Stevie Wonder)
02 Love's in Need of Love Today (Stevie Wonder)
03 talk (Stevie Wonder)
04 Master Blaster [Jammin'] (Stevie Wonder)
05 Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)
06 Living for the City (Stevie Wonder)
07 Golden Lady (Stevie Wonder)
08 Superwoman (Stevie Wonder)
09 Where Were You When I Needed You (Stevie Wonder)
10 talk (Stevie Wonder)
11 Ribbon in the Sky (Stevie Wonder)
12 You and I [We Can Conquer the World] (Stevie Wonder)
13 Joy Inside My Tears (Stevie Wonder)
14 talk (Stevie Wonder)
15 My Love Is on Fire (Stevie Wonder)
16 Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
17 I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
18 Positivity (Stevie Wonder)
19 Isn't She Lovely (Stevie Wonder)
20 All I Do (Stevie Wonder)
21 Tuesday Heartbreak (Stevie Wonder)
22 talk (Stevie Wonder)
23 Maybe Your Baby (Stevie Wonder)
24 You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder)
25 talk (Stevie Wonder)
26 I Just Called to Say I Love You (Stevie Wonder)
27 talk (Stevie Wonder)
28 So What the Fuss (Stevie Wonder)
29 Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
30 You Haven't Done Nothin' (Stevie Wonder)
31 talk (Stevie Wonder)
32 Shelter in the Rain (Stevie Wonder)
33 As (Stevie Wonder)

The cover photo comes from a press conference Wonder took part in for the 2005 Live 8 concert.

Belle & Sebastian - BBC Sessions, Volume 3: Steve Lamacq Show, Bowlie Weekender, Pontins Camber Sands Holiday Park, Rye, Britain, 4-25-1999

Here's the third volume of Belle and Sebastian playing for the BBC. Unlike the first two, this one consists of a full concert. 

Well, most of a concert, anyway. It seems a few songs were cut out due to time constraints. The missing songs are: "A Century of Fakers," "I Know Where the Summer Goes," and "Simple Things." Additionally, the last song, a cover of the Who song "The Kids Are Alright," wasn't actually broadcast by the BBC. Instead, it appeared in a documentary film about the band. I had it already for a Belle and Sebastian covers album, but I've included it here. For the covers album I removed the applause at the end, but for this version I've kept it in.

 This was no ordinary concert for the band. They put together an entire music festival for the first time, with a couple dozen other bands and themselves as the headliners. There's a Wikipedia article about it here:

Bowlie Weekender - Wikipedia

The sound quality is up to the usual high standards you'd expect of the BBC. I did edit "If You're Feeling Sinister" though to fix some minor flaws.

This album is 49 minutes long.

01 Slow Graffiti (Belle & Sebastian)
02 Seeing Other People (Belle & Sebastian)
03 Dog on Wheels (Belle & Sebastian)
04 The Wrong Girl (Belle & Sebastian)
05 talk (Belle & Sebastian)
06 Winter Wooskie (Belle & Sebastian)
07 If You're Feeling Sinister [Edit] (Belle & Sebastian)
08 talk (Belle & Sebastian)
09 I Don't Love Anyone (Belle & Sebastian)
10 talk (Belle & Sebastian)
11 Paper Boat (Belle & Sebastian)
12 The Boy with the Arab Strap (Belle & Sebastian)
13 Photo Jenny (Belle & Sebastian)
14 Lazy Line Painter Jane (Belle & Sebastian with Monica Queen)
15 The Kids Are Alright [Edit] (Belle & Sebastian)

I couldn't find any good photos of this exact concert. However, there's some rough video footage of it, included in that documentary mentioned above. So I took a screenshot from that.

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Roger Waters - Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, Canada , 11-7-1987

Here's something that I really like. If you're a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters fan, you should definitely check it out. This isn't just a bootleg of the date and location in the title; it's something I've carefully put together. It'll take a bit for me to explain why this is special and unique.

Roger Waters, the main singer and songwriter for Pink Floyd, did a solo tour in 1985, another one in 1987, then stayed away from touring until 1999. I've already posted a excellent soundboard bootleg of a show he did in 1985 (with Eric Clapton on guitar, no less). It turns out there's no bootleg of a complete 1987 show with soundboard quality. However, I made a complete show with some editing. I started with the Quebec City show of the title. That had 20 of the 30 songs here with excellent sound quality, due to those songs being professionally recorded for a radio broadcast. Then I found another eight of the songs played that night from a different stop on the tour, in London, England. Those also have excellent sound quality, due to them being professionally recorded for another radio broadcast. That recording wasn't very long, but it was very lucky that almost all of those songs were the ones not included in the Quebec recording.

After that, there were just two songs on the Quebec City set list that I didn't have: "Not Now John" and "Going to Live in L.A." Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any soundboard level boots of those. But I listened to those songs from a bunch of audience tapes, and found what I decided was the best ones, from a concert in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Those two don't sound quite as good as the others, but they're pretty close. Plus, it's just two songs. The result is that you can hear what a complete 1987 Roger Waters concert sounded like, with truly impressive sound quality.

However, it's more complicated than that. Waters was touring to support a pretty usual concept album, "Radio K.A.O.S." To explain what it was about, I'm going to quote a (slightly edited) review I saw for it written on social media by someone named Castovalve:

"Roger's protagonist is disabled, can hear radio waves 'in his head', moves to America after his brother is jailed, meets radio DJ Jim Ladd, fakes a nuclear Armageddon, but ultimately humanity is redeemed via the magic and sweeping majesty of the Live Aid benefit concert. I feel stupid even trying to describe the plot. ... But, this album is soaked in horrifying 80's production - it's all fake drums, synthesizers, and squealing sax solos. ... Jim Ladd contribues unfunny and annoying dialogue to the record."

So yeah, as you can guess from that summary, the album had issues. Waters himself later basically disowned it, mainly due to the production:

"Between [producer] Ian Ritchie and myself, we really fucked that record up. We tried too hard to make it sound modern. I allowed myself to get pushed down roads that were uncomfortable for me. I should never have made that record."

I agree that the album suffered from typical 1980s production excesses. But the songs sound much better live in concert, without all the studio tinkering. They're also nicely mixed with lots of classic Pink Floyd songs.

However, Waters didn't just have a regular concert. He tried to keep some of the conceits of the concert album going. For instance, there was a dialogue between the story's main character, Billy, and the radio DJ Jim Ladd. Ladd appeared live for every show of the tour and talked to the audience and/or to a computerized voice of Billy, before or even or some of the songs. Furthermore, there also was the idea that the story was playing out live over Ladd's radio station ("Radio K.A.O.S"), so there were attempts to make the concert seem like it was being played over the radio, even for the audience there live. For instance, Ladd typically started the concerts playing one or two recorded hits by other artists. A recording of the Pink Floyd classic "Arnold Layne" was played. There were fake commercials. There even was a call in section where real fans called in and had Waters answer questions live in front of the audience.

For better or worse, parts of the Quebec City concert broadcast on the radio, and thus available here in excellent sound quality, cut out nearly all of that. I'm not a big fan of the fake commercials and such myself, so I decided to cut out what was left, and just keep the songs. Thus I cut out a few remaining instances of Billy and/or Jim Ladd talking. I think this makes the concert much more amenable to repeat listening. The radio station conceits didn't really work anyway, in my opinion, because the songs from "Radio K.A.O.S." with the album concept were scattered around and mixed with Pink Floyd songs, so the very hard to follow plot became even harder to follow. I think it's better to just enjoy the songs as songs. Stripped from the concept and the talking bits, I think the "Radio K.A.O.S." songs hold up pretty well. It helps that two of the better ones, "Molly's Song" and "Going to Live in L. A." didn't actually appear on the album but showed up as B-sides instead. (Another regret Waters had was that he'd wanted to make a double album, not a single one, so a bunch of songs were left off it, including those two. Most of the rest remain unreleased.)

If you look at the set list below, you'll see a lot of songs have "[Edit]" in their titles. Those are the ones where I made significant edits. In about half of the cases, I made edits to remove the talking of Billy and/or Jim Ladd. For the other half, I had to make some edits to make the songs from different sources fit together. For instance, one might come to a sudden end, so I would add in some applause patched in from the end of another song. The bottom line is that this should sound like a single concert now, with a focus on just the songs. (By the way, Waters himself said virtually nothing between songs, since he gave that role to Jim Ladd.)

A further complication is that there were a few songs Waters didn't want to sing because they were out of his vocal range. Most of those were Pink Floyd classics that he wrote but were sung by band member David Gilmour. For this tour, Paul Carrack (of the bands Ace, Squeeze, and Mike + the Mechanics) sang most of those.

Even with all the banter, fake commercials, prerecorded songs, and such cut out, this is a longer concert than usual, at two hours and ten minutes. 

In case you want to know more about what you missed, here's a good review of a concert on this tour, with explanations about everything that happened, song by song (the set lists differed only a little bit from night to night):

Amazing Pudding , issue #26, 1987 (

From what I understand, when Waters toured again many years later (1999 and after), he'd lost some vocal range and power, and it's said he often lip-syncs to many of his songs. So if you want one best recording of him all real in a solo concert, in my opinion this would be the one to hear.

01 Radio Waves (Roger Waters)
02 Welcome to the Machine [Edit] (Roger Waters)
03 Who Needs Information (Roger Waters)
04 Money (Roger Waters with Paul Carrack)
05 In the Flesh (Roger Waters)
06 Have a Cigar (Roger Waters with Paul Carrack)
07 Pigs [Three Different Ones] (Roger Waters)
08 Wish You Were Here (Roger Waters)
09 Mother (Roger Waters)
10 Molly's Song [Edit] (Roger Waters with Doreen Chanter)
11 Me or Him [Edit] (Roger Waters)
12 The Powers That Be [Edit] (Roger Waters)
13 Going to Live in L. A. [Edit] (Roger Waters)
14 Sunset Strip [Edit] (Roger Waters)
15 Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert (Roger Waters)
16 Southampton Dock (Roger Waters)
17 If (Roger Waters)
18 5-06 AM [Every Stranger's Eyes] (Roger Waters)
19 Not Now John [Edit] (Roger Waters)
20 Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 [Edit] (Roger Waters)
21 The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Roger Waters)
22 Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Roger Waters)
23 Nobody Home (Roger Waters)
24 Home [Edit] (Roger Waters)
25 Four Minutes [Edit] (Roger Waters with Doreen Chanter)
26 The Tide Is Turning [After Live Aid] [Edit] (Roger Waters)
27 Breathe (Roger Waters with Paul Carrack)
28 Brain Damage (Roger Waters)
29 Eclipse (Roger Waters)
30 talk (Roger Waters)

The cover photo comes from the Hoffman Estates concert where two of the songs here were recorded. Apparently he wore these dark sunglasses for the entire tour, because he wore them for all of the photos I saw of him on stage.