Friday, December 2, 2022

Elliott Smith - Bumbershoot Festival, KeyArena, Seattle, WA, 9-2-2000

When it comes to Elliott Smith live recordings, there are a great many, but the vast majority are audience bootlegs with variable sound quality. That's especially the case for shows when he played with a band, because it's harder to get a listenable recording than if it's a solo acoustic performance. So I was very pleased to recently come across this concert of Smith playing with a small band. It was professionally recorded in order to be broadcast over the Internet at the time, so the sound quality is really excellent. Plus, Smith was a troubled soul who could have good days and bad days, but he had his act together here.

All of the songs are with his band except the last four. I'm guessed he played all the songs the band knew, then wanted to do a few more.

There's not much else to say, since there were no problems to fix. If you enjoy his music, you should definitely give this a listen.

This album in an hour and six minutes long.

01 talk (Elliott Smith)
02 Needle in the Hay (Elliott Smith)
03 Bled White (Elliott Smith)
04 Stupidity Tries (Elliott Smith)
05 Coming Up Roses (Elliott Smith)
06 Waltz No. 2 [XO] (Elliott Smith)
07 Everything Means Nothing to Me (Elliott Smith)
08 Clementine (Elliott Smith)
09 talk (Elliott Smith)
10 Son of Sam (Elliott Smith)
11 LA (Elliott Smith)
12 Amity (Elliott Smith)
13 Ballad of Big Nothing (Elliott Smith)
14 Cupid's Trick (Elliott Smith)
15 St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith)
16 Junk Bond Trader (Elliott Smith)
17 Division Day (Elliott Smith)
18 Christian Brothers (Elliott Smith)
19 talk (Elliott Smith)
20 Angeles (Elliott Smith)
21 Fond Farewell (Elliott Smith)
22 Alameda (Elliott Smith)
23 Say Yes (Elliott Smith)

The cover is a screenshot taken from this exact concert.

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