Friday, December 6, 2019

Eric Clapton - Looking at the Rain - Various Songs (1977)

Here's the next in my long series of Eric Clapton stray tracks albums. This one just deals with the year 1977.

Four out of the seven songs are bonus tracks from his 1977 album "Slowhand." But it's the three other songs that I think are the most interesting. "Call It Stormy Monday" has been officially released, and is a 12-minute long blues guitar solo workout. "Blues with a Feeling" is unreleased, but from a high quality soundboard bootleg, and is 10-minute long guitar blues solo workout. Finally, "Mama Told Me" is a soul type of song that I think was only played once in concert. It's sung by Marcy Levy, a back-up singer in his band, but it does feature him soloing at the end. It too comes from a high quality soundboard bootleg. Unfortunately, it fades out at the end, in mid-solo. That was definitely not my doing.

Altogether, the songs make for a 40-minute long album.

01 Looking at the Rain (Eric Clapton)
02 Call It Stormy Monday (Eric Clapton with Marcy Levy)
03 Alberta (Eric Clapton)
04 Greyhound Bus (Eric Clapton)
05 Stars, Strays and Ashtrays (Eric Clapton)
06 Mama Told Me (Eric Clapton & Marcy Levy)
07 Blues with a Feeling (Eric Clapton)

The cover art photo is of Clapton in concert in 1977.


  1. The title song is a Gordon Lightfoot tune and I don't think I've heard Clapton cover Lightfoot before. Nice find.