Saturday, February 20, 2021

Brinsley Schwarz - You Got Me Hummin' - Various Songs (1972-1974)

Sometimes, when I post a stray tracks album here, I think I'm all done finding the rarities of a particular musical artist... and then later I find a bunch more. Occasionally, I find so many that two albums I made turn into three, with a "new" one in the middle. That's the case here, even though I only had a total of two Brinsley Schwarz stray tracks albums prior to this. So this isn't really a "new" Brinsley Schwarz collection so much as I have a bunch of new songs scattered through the three albums and you need to download or redownload all three to get them all.

To help you with that, here are the links to the other two:

Brinsley Schwarz are not a well known band, since they only existed from 1970 to 1975 and never had a big hit. But if you like Nick Lowe's music as a solo artist or part of Rockpile you should like this, because Lowe was the main singer and songwriter for this band. Because this band's popularity is limited, it's really hard to find all their unreleased rarities. I've found a lot more than before, but there are still some that I've only heard of and apparently just exist in private collections. If you have some of those and want to share, please let me know.

I believe three of the songs here are new ("The Old Country," "That's What It Takes," and "Murder on My Mind"). But there are more on the other two volumes in this series, for instance, four new ones on the first album. So, again, make sure you get the latest versions of all three.

In any case, this is more fun and rocking music, and the sound quality is generally very good. I suspect the reason that more of these didn't get on the band's studio albums is because most of them are cover versions, whereas the albums are mostly filled with originals. But these guys had great taste in covers, especially obscure ones.

01 What Would You Do (Brinsley Schwarz)
02 The Old Country (Brinsley Schwarz)
03 That's What It Takes (Brinsley Schwarz)
04 Having a Party (Brinsley Schwarz)
05 You Got Me Hummin' (Brinsley Schwarz)
06 Mama Told Me Not to Come (Brinsley Schwarz)
07 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Brinsley Schwarz)
08 Hypocrite (Brinsley Schwarz)
09 You Never Can Tell (Brinsley Schwarz)
10 Wait (Brinsley Schwarz)
11 Run Rudolph Run (Brinsley Schwarz)
12 Murder on My Mind (Brinsley Schwarz)
13 [It's Gonna Be A] Bring Down (Brinsley Schwarz)
14 Love Is Gone (Brinsley Schwarz)

I'm not sure what the deal with the cover art is. It totally looks like an album cover from an earlier era in my opinion, but it wasn't. Instead, it seems to have been some kind of promo art put out by the record company. I cropped the image from a slightly larger picture and replaced some other text with the album name near the bottom. Otherwise, it's just like I found it.

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