Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Twilights - Once Upon a Twilight - Alternate Version (1968)

I just posted a Twilights album that gathers up all their best songs from 1965 to early 1968. This is dominated by their 1968 album "Once Upon a Twilight," which makes up the first 11 songs. The last six songs are the few songs the band released after that album until they broke up. So between the two albums, you basically have the career of this short-lived but excellent Australian band.

In my opinion, there was a lot of great rock music that came out of Australia in the mid to late 1960s, but the vast majority of the really good stuff were the A-Sides of singles. I don't know of too many acclaimed albums, and I think this is the only one from that country and era in my collection. It was critically acclaimed at the time, but unfortunately didn't sell well. I think it's solid through and through, with the exception of "The Cocky Song," a "comedy" song that I think flops so badly that I didn't include it at all, not even as a bonus track. Trust me, you're not missing anything, and including it would ruin the mood and flow of the rest of the album.

As I mentioned in my previous Twilights post, the band was highly influenced by the Beatles and other similar British bands of the time. (They went to Britain in 1966 and 1967 in a brief and unsuccessful effort to make it big there. But they soaked up the music and the cultural trends, and even managed to get to watch the Beatles record "Penny Lane" in the Abbey Road studio, since they were recording there too at the time.)

The songwriting here is excellent. I especially like "Comin' On Down." In my perfect world, this catchy song would be a big hit and still get played on classic rock stations. In reality, it was merely a B-side that got very little notice. Perhaps that's because the song was about an imagined devastating nuclear war, which isn't exactly typical Top 40 material! (But the fact that bands then wrote songs about anything and everything is one reason why I especially like the musical era.)

I like the song so much that I made my own edit of it. The "real" version comes to a top stop at about 2 minutes and five seconds. Then it ends with about ten seconds of a child singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful." I found that odd and unsatisfying, when the song desperately needed to go back to the chorus again. So I have the chorus repeat and fade for another 40 seconds or so. Sorry about taking that artistic liberty, but I couldn't help myself. ;) I've included the unedited version as a bonus track for the purists who prefer to hear that.

Terry Britten was the band's main songwriter at this point. Unfortunately, after the band broke up near the end of 1968, he only put out a couple of singles before he more or less gave up performing and stuck just to songwriting. (As I mentioned in the previous post, he wrote some big hits for others.) Thanks to the help of a commenter named Big Gray, I found his three post-Twilights singles (released under the very-short-lived band Quartet), and I've included that at the end. Those  songs sound exactly like the other Twilights songs. The other single he did that I know of had the A-Side "Now" and the B-Side "Will My Lady Come."

The band's main singer Glenn Shorrock stayed busy with several bands and eventually found much bigger success with the Little River Band in the late 1970s. So I haven't included any of his post-Twilights material here.

01 Once upon a Twilight (Twilights)
02 What a Silly Thing to Do (Twilights)
03 Bessemae (Twilights)
04 Stop the World for a Day (Twilights)
05 Mr. Nice (Twilights)
06 Take Action (Twilights)
07 Blue Roundabout (Twilights)
08 Devendra (Twilights)
09 Found to Be Thrown Away (Twilights)
10 Tomorrow Is Today (Twilights)
11 Paternosta Row (Twilights)
12 Tell Me Goodbye (Twilights)
13 Comin' On Down [Edit] (Twilights)
14 Sand in the Sandwiches (Twilights)
15 Lotus (Twilights)
16 2000 Weeks (Terry Britten)
17 Bargain Day (Terry Britten)
18 Now (Quartet with Terry Britten)
19 Will My Lady Come (Quartet with Terry Britten)
20 Joseph (Quartet with Terry Britten)
21 Mama Where Did You Fail (Quartet with Terry Britten)

Comin' On Down (Twilights)

The album cover is the exact album cover that originally came out, with no changes.


  1. Here are the As & Bs of both Quartet's singles as noted in paragraph 2 of

    As well as the Twilights albums
    1966-The Twilights
    1968-Once Upon A Twilight
    1977-The Way They Played
    1982-Twilight Time

    which you probably have, I also have
    Firstlight to Twilight: The Complete Singles Collection

    originally posted on Midoztouch around 12 years ago, which compiles all the "uncompiled" singles by the band with a complete singles list to be filled by the downloader from the other albums.

    Hope this helps,


    P.S. I hope this goes some way towards excusing me for not thanking you enough.

    1. Wow, thanks for those files! I couldn't find em anyway. I didn't even know there was another single to look for. I just updated the blog post with those extra files and I credited you for your help.

      You certainly are a big Twilights fan. Would you have any live bootlegs from them? I read about the great concerts they did, playing all of Sgt. Peppers and all of Odgen's Nut Gone Flake too, and lots more. It would be a shame if nobody bothered to record any of that.

    2. I have no Twilights bootlegs. I doubt if there are many, if any, in existence.

      I've just been reading the liner notes to "Twilight Time". There are three live sets on that record, two were recorded when the band played the support spot to a headlining band [The Rolling Stones and The Easybeats], and the third at a Battle Of The Bands. They are all "highlight" sets. In the notes, Glenn Shorrock comments "They reflect the quality of live recording at the time - negligible", and these were recordings made at major events. Any recordings at local venues would have been worse.

      We can only dream and wish we had a TARDIS.


    3. Indeed! If I had a time machine, I would do a heck of a lot of music recording. ;)