Sunday, November 21, 2021

Peter Gabriel - Rarities, Volume 3: Studio Recordings, 1978 (A MIKE SOLOF GUEST POST)

First off, I must apologize to Mike Solof for taking so long to post this. I feel like that guy in a "Kids in the Hall" skit who kept saying "It slipped my mind," but it kept slipping my mind. I'll try to do better in the future.

Anyway, hopefully by now you've seen enough albums in this series to understand what this is. Mike has collected all of Peter Gabriel's stray tracks from 1978. Turns out there's enough for an album, even though that was the same year he put out his second solo album (simply titled "Peter Gabriel").

Mike prefers to create a PDF file and then give his own explanation about the music in that, so I'll keep this short. Make sure to read his PDF for more.

This album is 41 minutes long.

01 Merrily upon High (Peter Gabriel & Tom Robinson)
02 On the Air [Instrumental Version] (Peter Gabriel)
03 Perspective [Single Version] (Peter Gabriel)
04 Bully for You [Instrumental Version] (Peter Gabriel)
05 D. I. Y. [Rerecorded Single Version] (Peter Gabriel)
06 Mother of Violence [Single Mix] (Peter Gabriel)
07 Exposure [Combined Mike Mix] (Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall & Terre Roche)
08 Water Music - Here Comes the Flood (Robert Fripp & Peter Gabriel)
09 D. I. Y. [Sax Edit] (Peter Gabriel)
10 Me and My Teddy Bear (Peter Gabriel)

I made the album cover, after getting Mike's okay on the photo to use. This one comes from 1978, when Gabriel didn't have much hair. The shadows of the hands on the wall are unchanged from the originals.


  1. Hi Paul.
    Unsure where to post this communication. I'm sure you will re arrange it.
    I'm recently listening to Gong, Steve Hillage and Daevid Allen. I just wondered if you had any material on these over crossing artists? Unsure if it's on your radar? Thanks for the great Blog. It's the best on the Net.

  2. Paul, Big thanks on this!!

    Mike, please keep 'em coming I'm loving them!!

  3. Wait...what??? You posted it finally? OMG!!
    No worries Paul you are a very busy man! So Much Music...So Little Time!
    Thanks Puffin...glad I have a fan out there!! Up next in the series is the 78 Live Set. It's pretty Killer! and don't miss my spinoff post from this that focuses on Robert Fripp's production on Daryl Hall and Peter Gabriel's solo albums at the time.

    Paul just posted it ...oh wait... P A U L...c'mon man!!!!!!!

    LOL (I love giving him sh!t!)

    1. That one also slipped my mind. But don't worry... will do.

    2. Mike, Looking forward to them. Thanks for the heads up!