Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Home Concerts 3, Afton, VA, 5-28-2020 to 7-9-2020

Yesterday, a commenter pointed out that the links had died for the two Mary Chapin Carpenter 2020 home concerts I'd posted here. That reminded me that I actually had a lot more where that came from, but I'd forgotten to post the rest. So here's another. I have three more after this one, until she stopped doing songs from home in early 2021.

It's been a long while since I've posted one of these, so let me refresh your memory a bit. Carpenter tended to play about a song a week from home, and post them on YouTube. But she also could be fairly talkative. Much of what she said was repetitive from song to song. She'd usually start with some greetings, then despite what her pet dog and pet cat were doing at that moment. (The pet dog was usually with her and the pet cat was almost always sleeping.) These sorts of comments don't have much relistening value, so I cut them all out. But I kept any comments she made pertaining to the song she was about to play.

The songs are mostly taken from her albums, but there are some exceptions. For instance, "No Fear" is a song she co-wrote but one she never recorded in a studio. And "Four Strong Winds" is a cover.

This album is 49 minutes long.

01 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
02 No Fear (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
03 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
04 Heroes and Heroines (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
05 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
06 4 June, 1989 (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
07 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
08 Oh Rosetta (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
09 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
10 Stones in the Road (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
11 Why Walk When You Can Fly (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
12 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
13 What If We Went to Italy (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
14 Goodnight America (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
15 Four Strong Winds (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
16 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
17 Another Home (Mary Chapin Carpenter)


Pretty much every single time she did one of these home concert recordings, she did it from inside her house. But for "No Fear," it seems she sat on a porch just outside her house. So I took a screenshot of that and used it for the cover art.

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