Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dusty Springfield - On TV and Radio, Volume 8: 1972-1973

Here is the eighth and last of the Dusty Springfield albums that contains songs she only did on TV or the radio and never recorded in the studio. It's practically an entire alternate career for her in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Most of the previous albums in this series each covered one year. But this time, one album covers two years. That's because her popularity started to wane in the early 1970s, and she had fewer appearances on TV and radio. That would culminate in her recording an album in 1974 that her record company wouldn't release, and then her essentially going into retirement for a few years. So this marks the end of an era for her.

However, even though the number of her appearances was tapering off, what she did was still high quality. Luckily, this era ends before disco and other popular trends marred her music in the late 1970s.

Every song but one here is officially unreleased. That one is "Stepping Out with My Baby," which comes from the "Goin' Back" box set. The other songs are generally from Springfield's appearances on the TV shows of other stars, such as Tom Jones, Lulu, and Bobby Darin.

This album is 41 minutes long.

I created this album on November 22, 2021. Volume 7 grew so long that I split it in two. So I highly recommend you redownload that one too, if you have it already. I also made changes to a bunch of other Dusty Springfield albums at the same time, which I describe in a different post.

01 Up On the Roof (Dusty Springfield)
02 We Can Work It Out - The Long and Winding Road (Dusty Springfield)
03 Scarborough Fair (Dusty Springfield & Lulu)
04 I Wanna Be Where You Are (Dusty Springfield)
05 Since I Fell for You (Dusty Springfield)
06 I Am Woman (Dusty Springfield)
07 You've Got What It Takes (Dusty Springfield & Tom Jones)
08 Stepping Out with My Baby (Dusty Springfield)
09 Baby I Need Your Loving (Dusty Springfield & Bobby Darin)
10 Of All the Things (Dusty Springfield)
11 The Magnificent Sanctuary Band (Dusty Springfield)
12 Love the One You're With (Dusty Springfield)
13 But Alive (Dusty Springfield)

I had previously used this album cover on Volume 7 in this series. But went I split that album in two, this cover went with Volume 8, because the photo dates from 1972. I changed the text to fit the new volume.


  1. Thanks for all the Dusty tracks especially those that do not show up on regular CDs. I've long wanted the rare tracks that are on the 1994 Dusty: The Legend Of Dusty Springfield. Some do not appear anywhere. So if you could collect them together it would be a fantastic thing.

    1. I believe I already have those. If I recall, that box set is the same or slightly different than another one called "Goin' Back," and I often listed the "Goin' Back" box as the source in the mp3 tags. But it's the same stuff.

      If you know of specific songs I don't have, please let me know. Otherwise, I think I have this stuff already.