Friday, November 8, 2019

Richard Thompson - The Bottom Line, New York City, 3-4-1992, Late Show

I just posted the first three of four albums of Richard Thompson's two nights of concerts at the Bottom Line, in New York City on March 3rd and 4th, 1992. This is the fourth and final one. I already explained the basics in my post about the first album, so please refer to that for general information about all four of these albums. But, in short, these albums are as good as it gets when it comes to Thompson playing acoustic in concert.

As I mentioned in that first post, I didn't include some songs if they either were duplicates of songs played in one of the other shows in those two nights, or if he tried a song he didn't really know and fell on his face doing so. For this show, the songs I didn't include were "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and "Wall of Death." So, if you look over all four albums, there are only a very small number of duplicates or songs I otherwise didn't include.

This album is an hour and 16 minutes long.

01. talk (Richard Thompson)
02. When the Spell Is Broken (Richard Thompson)
03. talk (Richard Thompson)
04. Nobody's Wedding (Richard Thompson)
05. talk (Richard Thompson)
06. Al Bowlly's in Heaven (Richard Thompson)
07. talk (Richard Thompson)
08. Withered and Died (Richard Thompson)
09. talk (Richard Thompson)
10. Mystery Train (Richard Thompson)
11. Can't Help Falling in Love - You'll Never Walk Alone (Richard Thompson)
12. talk (Richard Thompson)
13. Tears of Rage - Desolation Row - Just like Tom Thumb's Blues - It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Richard Thompson)
14. talk (Richard Thompson)
15. Rainbow Over the Hill (Richard Thompson)
16. talk (Richard Thompson)
17. Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair (Richard Thompson)
18. talk (Richard Thompson)
19. Now Be Thankful (Richard Thompson)
20. talk (Richard Thompson)
21. Night Comes In (Richard Thompson)
22. talk (Richard Thompson)
23. God Save the Queen (Richard Thompson)
24. talk (Richard Thompson)
25. Shine On Love - Smiffy's Glass Eye (Richard Thompson)
26. talk (Richard Thompson)
27. Pharaoh (Richard Thompson)
28. talk (Richard Thompson)
29. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (Richard Thompson)
30. talk (Richard Thompson)
31. Valerie (Richard Thompson)
32. I Feel So Good (Richard Thompson)

For the album cover, I used another photo of Thompson in concert in 1991, since I couldn't find good ones of him from 1992. Out of the four photos I used for this album series, I believe they come from three different concerts. But he generally looks the same with the same cap and so forth, so my hope is they all look as if they come from the same source.

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