Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Maria McKee - Acoustic Versions, Volume 2: 1989-1996

Back in 2019, I posted an album of acoustic performances by Maria McKee. Writing this in November 2022, I've come across more acoustic versions, enough to split that album in two. This is the second part of that. But the added songs are split more or less evenly between the two volumes. The old version has been changed and renamed to "Volume 1." If you want this, you should get the updated version of that too. Here's the link:


The first three and last three songs here are officially unreleased. The first three come from a concert and the last three come from radio show appearances. The middle six are generally from B-sides, though the last one ("My Lonely Sad Eyes") comes from a compilation album.

Not all the songs here are fully acoustic, meaning just her on an acoustic guitar or a piano. Some are even done as a small band, complete with drums. The version of "My Lonely Sad Eyes" is one such example. But still, these versions have much more of an acoustic feeling than the better known album versions of the same songs. 

This album is 42 minutes long.

01 Wheels (Maria McKee)
02 Hold Me (Maria McKee)
03 I´ll Be Your Shelter (In the Time of Storm) (Maria McKee)
04 Show Me Heaven [Acoustic Demo] (Maria McKee)
05 Sweetest Child [Acapella Version] (Maria McKee)
06 I'm Gonna Soothe You [Acoustic Version] (Maria McKee)
07 The Way Young Lovers Do [Acoustic Version] (Maria McKee)
08 I Can't Make It Alone [Acoustic Version] (Maria McKee)
09 My Lonely Sad Eyes [Acoustic Version] (Maria McKee)
10 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (Maria McKee)
11 Rattlesnake Mama (Maria McKee)
12 This Perfect Dress (Maria McKee)


The cover photo is from a concert in Santa Ana, California, in 1998. That's a big late for this time frame, but I chose it since it shows McKee playing an acoustic guitar.

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