Sunday, November 27, 2022

Cliff Richard - BBC Sessions, Volume 4: 1969-1971

This is the fourth of six volumes of Cliff Richard at the BBC.

Richard continued to be popular during this time, with yet more hits in Britain. Personally, I'm not as keen on this volume as the previous ones. He played more middle of the road stuff, sometimes with strings, and less rock and roll. But if you're a fan of his music, you'll probably be into that anyway.

Everything here remains officially unreleased. Almost all the songs come from pristine "Top of the Pops" transcription discs. Thanks to musical associate Marley for helping me find these.

The two exceptions are the first song, a duet of "The Look of Love" and "Walk on By" with Cilla Black, and "The Lady Came from Baltimore." The first comes from Black's TV show "Cilla," and the second comes from a German TV show.

The songs here had the usual problem of BBC DJs talking over the music. As usual, I used the X-Minus audio editing program to remove the talking but keep the music. Those are the ones with "[Edit]" in their titles.

This album is 43 minutes long.

01 The Look of Love - Walk On By (Cliff Richard & Cilla Black)
02 Good Times [Better Times] [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
03 Big Ship [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
04 Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon (Cliff Richard)
05 The Minute You’re Gone [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
06 Throw Down a Line (Cliff Richard & Hank Marvin)
07 Baby, I Could Be So Good [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
08 With the Eyes of a Child (Cliff Richard)
09 So Long (Cliff Richard)
10 The Lady Came from Baltimore (Cliff Richard)
11 I Ain’t Got Time Anymore (Cliff Richard)
12 Your Heart’s Not in Your Love (Cliff Richard)
13 Are You Only Fooling Me [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
14 Don’t Ask Me to Be Friends (Cliff Richard)
15 Sunny Honey Girl [Edit] (Cliff Richard)
16 As I Walk into the Morning of Your Life [Edit] (Cliff Richard)

The cover photo is from May 1970, but I don't know any more than that.


  1. Many thanks. As a long-time Cliff fan, there are some pretty rare tracks here. I'm looking forward to the last 2 volumes.

    1. Are there some specifically that he didn't record in the studio? If you know that for this or the other volumes, let me know and I'll add that to my write-ups.

  2. Hi Paul. What I meant was that the tracks are rare in the sense that the BBC Transcription discs themselves are hard to come by.