Thursday, November 3, 2022

Procol Harum - BBC Sessions, Volume 3: John Peel's Sunday Concert, London, Britain, 6-4-1970

Starting in 1970, the BBC began broadcasting full rock concerts, and many of them were hosted by BBC DJ John Peel. This Procol Harum concert is a perfect example. One downside though is that in 1970 these shows had to fit into an hour long radio show slot. So this bootleg concert is 58 minutes long. There may have been more than has been lost since it was never broadcast.

One odd thing about these John Peel concerts is that Peel did all, or almost all, of the talking between the songs, as if the band members could only sing and not speak. That's the case here. 

The song quality of the music is very good, but not great. One problem was that the vocals weren't loud enough in the mix, in my opinion. But I used the X-Minus audio editing program to boost them all up a bit. Technically, all the songs, but not the talking, should had "[Edit]" in their titles, but you can get the point from my write up here.

Procol Harum avoided playing the two big hits they'd had by this point, "Homburg" and "A Whiter Shade of Pale." Perhaps there was more to the concert and those were encores that got cut. The concert happened right at the time the band's fourth album "Home" was released. Lead guitarist Robin Trower was still a part of the band, but he would leave a year later for a successful solo career.

01 talk (Procol Harum)
02 Still There'll Be More (Procol Harum)
03 talk (Procol Harum)
04 Wish Me Well (Procol Harum)
05 talk (Procol Harum)
06 About to Die (Procol Harum)
07 talk (Procol Harum)
08 A Christmas Camel (Procol Harum)
09 talk (Procol Harum)
10 Your Own Choice (Procol Harum)
11 talk (Procol Harum)
12 The Devil Came from Kansas (Procol Harum)
13 talk (Procol Harum)
14 Juicy John Pink (Procol Harum)
15 talk (Procol Harum)
16 Well I (Procol Harum)
17 talk (Procol Harum)
18 Nothing that I Didn't Know (Procol Harum)
19 talk (Procol Harum)
20 A Salty Dog (Procol Harum)
21 talk (Procol Harum)
22 Whisky Train (Procol Harum)
23 talk (Procol Harum)
24 Whaling Stories (Procol Harum)

The cover uses a publicity photo from 1970. I would have preferred to use a photo of the band in concert from around that time, but I couldn't find a good color one.


  1. Thanks so much for these - fantastic!

  2. This is great, Thanks! BTW - It's quite possible they didn't play Whiter Shade at all. The band dropped it from their setlists for several years after Matthew Fisher left.