Saturday, November 19, 2022

Madness - BBC Sessions, Volume 1: 1979-1985

Now that I've posted two stray tracks albums from Madness, I can post what they did for the BBC. I actually have four albums of BBC material, all from their early 1980s commercial peak. This one contains all of their studio BBC sessions. The other three are full length concerts.

Madness had a couple dozen hits in Britain from 1979 to 1986 (when the band broke up for the first time). Unfortunately, they didn't perform in the BBC studios that much, so this is a rather odd collection of songs. It includes some of their hits, but misses just as many, even some of their biggest ones, such as "House of Fun" and "Our House." 

That said, the sound quality here is excellent. All but three of the songs were released as bonus tracks to various albums. The other three, "Night Boat to Cairo," "Burning the Boats," and "Time," come from appearances on the BBC TV show "Old Grey Whistle Test." They sound very good too, although they remain unreleased.

This album is 50 minutes long.

01 The Prince (Madness)
02 Bed and Breakfast Man (Madness)
03 Land of Hope and Glory (Madness)
04 Stepping into Line (Madness)
05 Night Boat to Cairo (Madness)
06 Razor Blade Alley (Madness)
07 One Step Beyond (Madness)
08 Grey Day (Madness)
09 Missing You (Madness)
10 Sign of the Times (Madness)
11 Tiptoes (Madness)
12 Rise and Fall (Madness)
13 Tomorrow's [Just Another Day] (Madness)
14 Calling Cards (Madness)
15 Are You Coming [With Me] (Madness)
16 Burning the Boats (Madness)
17 Time (Madness)

The cover photo was taken in Liverpool in 1980.

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