Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mary Chapin Carpenter - BBC in Concert, Her Majesty's Theatre, London, Britain, 12-10-1994

Here's yet another BBC concert. I could only find one instance of Mary Chapin Carpenter playing for the BBC, but it's a good one.

This concert features Carpenter mostly in acoustic mode, with just a couple of backing musicians and no drummer. 

There isn't much banter between songs, but several times she starts a song by making some comments over the music. There's a running joke about her crush on actor Hugh Grant that's amusing.

Although this is unreleased, the sound quality is as excellent as you'd expect from the BBC.

This concert is 56 minutes long.

01 This Is Love (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
02 Stones in the Road (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
03 Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
04 A Keeper for Every Flame (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
05 The Last Word (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
06 talk (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
07 Shut Up and Kiss Me (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
08 Where Time Stands Still (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
09 The Hard Way (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
10 Quittin' Time (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
11 I Feel Lucky (Mary Chapin Carpenter)
12 He Thinks He'll Keep Her (Mary Chapin Carpenter)


The cover photo comes from an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1994. 


  1. Hey Bro,,,,tgx for the good job ,but no link on the server for MC Carpenter BBC concert 1994.....Can u provide and make my day.... Gracias