Saturday, November 5, 2022

The Go-Go's - WMMR-FM, Emerald City, Cherry Hill, NJ, 8-31-1981

I'm particularly happy with how this album turned out. If you're interested in hearing the Go-Go's live at all, you really should listen to this. The Go-Go's put out three albums in the early 1980s, plus a reunion album in 2001. Despite that limited discography, they are celebrated enough to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

They've never released an official live album per se, but a complete 1981 live show was included on the deluxe edition of their debut album "Beauty and the Beat." I had that concert in my music collection for a long time, but I wasn't much of a fan due to the sound quality, which was just okay. But I figured that was as good as it got, since it was the one chosen for the official release. However, it turns out that this concert, which took place just eleven days after the Boston show on the deluxe edition, sounds noticeably better. It was broadcast live by a Philadelphia radio station (Cherry Hill is in New Jersey, but on the outskirts of Philadelphia), so it was professionally recorded.

Furthermore, when I listened to this, I noticed that the lead vocals were rather low in the mix. So I used the X-Minus audio editing program to boost the vocals relative to the instruments for all the songs. After that change, in my opinion, this sounds way better than the Boston concert on the deluxe edition. And since it took place only eleven days later, the set list is the same.

Additionally, three of the songs have "[Edit]" in their names because I made further edits on top of the lead vocals adjustments. For the song "Tonite," as soon as the song ended, a radio DJ spoke over the cheering to briefly promote his radio station. Thanks to the magic of X-Minus, his vocals were removed and I was able to keep the cheering. For the song "Can't Stop the World," the song came to a sudden end right at the last chord. Then when the banter began afterwards, it started in mid-sentence. Clearly, something was missing there. So I used the recording of the Boston show to fill in the gap, allowing that final chord to ring out. Luckily, the banter appeared to be exactly the same for the intro to the next tune, so I was able to patch in the missing words too.

The Go-Go's sound great here. This concert is relatively short, just 51 minutes long. But they played every song on their debut album "Beauty and the Beat" plus some more, such as "London Boys," "Cool Jerk," "Vacation," "Let's Have a Party," and "Surfing and Spying."

01 Skidmarks on My Heart (Go-Go's)
02 How Much More (Go-Go's)
03 Tonite [Edit] (Go-Go's)
04 talk (Go-Go's)
05 Fading Fast (Go-Go's)
06 London Boys (Go-Go's)
07 Cool Jerk (Go-Go's)
08 talk (Go-Go's)
09 Automatic (Go-Go's)
10 Lust to Love (Go-Go's)
11 Can't Stop the World [Edit] (Go-Go's)
12 talk [Edit] (Go-Go's)
13 This Town (Go-Go's)
14 Vacation (Go-Go's)
15 talk (Go-Go's)
16 You Can't Walk in Your Sleep [If You Can't Sleep] (Go-Go's)
17 Our Lips Are Sealed (Go-Go's)
18 Let's Have a Party (Go-Go's)
19 We Got the Beat (Go-Go's)
20 talk (Go-Go's)
21 Surfing and Spying [Instrumental] (Go-Go's)
22 Beatnik Beach (Go-Go's)

I couldn't find any great photos of the band in concert in 1981. But I did find one from 1982, so that's what's here on the cover. It comes from a concert in Sacramento, California, in August 1982. I took the band name at the top from the artwork of one of their singles.


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