Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Move - The Move - BBC Sessions, 1970-1971

Here's the last of the albums I plan to post from the Move. It's the end of a series of four albums covering their performances at the BBC.

Unfortunately, their BBC albums end on kind of a down note in that the Move petered out as a band, releasing a few singles before turning into the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), and in a similar way, the Move made fewer and fewer appearances, either at the BBC or in concert in general, as the band wound down. They also got a LOT less diverse with their song list. The previous BBC albums all had lots of interesting cover versions, but this only has one, their version of the Beatles song "She's a Woman."

But on the flip side, Jeff Lynne joined the band in late 1969, and his arrival greatly strengthened the band's songwriting. So, song for song, this is a strong album. But unfortunately, some great songs late in the band's career don't appear to have been done at the BBC or live at all, or at least were never recorded. For instance, "California Man," "Chinatown," "Tonight," and "Do Ya." In the case, of "Do Ya," I had a nice alternate studio version of that song that I didn't have a good spot for, so I stuck that on here. (The band did a few high profile TV performances of some of these songs, but the ones I found we're lip-synched.)

The vast majority of the songs here originally appeared on the Move's last two albums, "Looking On" and "Message from the Country." But they didn't even play very many of those for the BBC. Luckily, they did three different songs for German TV show "Beat Club" in studio conditions (not in front of an audience), so I was able to include those too.

I've added two bonus tracks. One of them, the song "Message from the Country," actually from the officially released album of the Move's BBC performances. But the sound quality is poor, and worse than anything else from that official album. It sounds like it was recorded off the radio, and the signal was fading in and out, and that's probably the case.

The other bonus track is a live version of the song "Looking On." I already included a version of the exact same song on the album that's an actual BBC performance. Normally, I'm loathe to include the same song twice (or more) on the same album. But the BBC performance is a mere three minutes long, and this alternate version is nine minutes long. The band goes off with a lot of jamming and soloing. So I figured that made it worthy of at least a bonus track. The sound quality on it is good, but not great.

01. Brontosaurus (Move)
02. Falling Forever (Move)
03. Lightning Never Strikes Twice (Move)
04. Looking On (Move)
05. When Alice Comes Back to the Farm (Move)
06. She's a Woman (Move)
07. Ella James (Move)
08. Down on the Bay (Move)
09. The Words of Aaron (Move)
10. Do Ya [Alternate Version] (Move)

Looking On (Move)
Message from the Country (Move)

This the last of four BBC Move albums I've posted here, and I'm proud to say that I kept artistic unity across all four, using a different primary color for each. The photo here comes from the Move performing on a TV show called "Whitaker's World of Music" in 1971.


  1. Many thanks for all of The Move BBC compilations. The Move were amazing. And on that same note, your website is the best! It is simply amazing.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad to see someone is enjoying the Move. :)