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Georgie Fame - BBC Sessions, Volume 3 (1966-1970)

Here's the third and final album of George Fame at the BBC in the 1960s.

Fame remained very popular during this time frame. In fact, one of the songs here, "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde," was a number one hit in Britain in 1968 (and his only significant hit in the US). But the number of surviving BBC sessions he did went down. Notice the two previous BBC albums I posted deal with about one year each, whereas this one deals with three years. 

Notice also my use of the word "surviving" - Fame still did lots of sessions, it's just that most of them didn't survive. For instance, he did at least seven BBC studio sessions in 1969, each of which would have had multiple songs played, but I couldn't find any of them. Part of this is due to the official album I'd relied on for most of the material on the first two albums in this series, "The Complete Live Broadcasts," only went from 1964 to 1967. But I think it's mostly bad luck, since I've found unreleased sessions for many other artists (and I did find two such sessions).

In any case, I've tried to make up for all those lost sessions by utilizing other similar non-BBC sources. Seven songs here are officially released, from that album I just mentioned. "Knock on Wood" and "Sidewinder" come from an appearance on the German TV show "Beat Club" in 1968. The last five songs are from the two unreleased BBC sessions I did find. The second session, comprising the last two songs, actually come from a BBC TV show called "The Price of Fame" that he did with Alan Price. I've included the duets between Fame and Price on a different BBC album. I only included the two Fame solo performances I could find here.

As is typically the case with 1960s BBC sessions, some of the songs had BBC DJs talking over the music. And, as I usually do, I wiped that talking out using the X-Minus audio editing program. There were six such songs this time (each one with "[Edit]" in their titles).

That 1969 BBC TV special with Fame and Alan Price was the beginning of a longer collaboration between those two guys. So my series of Fame at the BBC ends here, but I've already posted an album of Fame and Price together at the BBC, containing mostly music from the early 1970s. Fame's music career has kept going until present day (May 2022 as I write this), but I couldn't find more BBC sessions in the 1970s after his collaboration with Price ended.

This album is 48 minutes long.

UPDATE: The mp3 download file was updated on June 12, 2022. I found two songs I'd missed, "Someday Man" and "Fire and Rain."

01 Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Georgie Fame)
02 Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Georgie Fame)
03 Three Blind Mice (Georgie Fame)
04 Do the Dog [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
05 Because I Love You [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
06 Knock On Wood (Georgie Fame)
07 Sidewinder [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
08 Waiting Time [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
09 El Pussycat [Instrumental] (Georgie Fame)
10 The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde (Georgie Fame)
11 Respoken [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
12 Pink Champagne [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
13 Seventh Son (Georgie Fame)
14 Am I Wasting My Time (Georgie Fame)
15 Fire and Rain [Edit] (Georgie Fame)
16 Someday Man [Edit] (Georgie Fame)

The cover photo shows Fame performing on the BBC TV show "Ready, Steady, Go" in 1968.

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