Monday, May 16, 2022

Free - BBC Sessions, Volume 2: In Concert (1970)

Here's the second of three volumes of Free at the BBC. The first and third ones are studio sessions. This second one consists entirely of songs done live before an audience.

I didn't put a date in the title, because the material here is from two BBC concerts, not one. The first four songs were done for "John Peel's Sunday Concert" in January 1970. This totals 22 minutes. The remaining seven songs are also for "John Peel's Sunday Concert," but in July 1970. This totals 35 minutes. Luckily, there are no duplicates in the two shows.

All the performances have been officially released on the album "Live at the BBC," so the sound quality is excellent. However, there are a couple of problems. One is that there is no banter between songs. I'm sure there was originally, probably BBC DJ serving as emcee. I don't know if the recordings of those weren't saved, or if there was an editorial decision not to include them on the official release. If anyone has more, let me know, and I'll add it in.

The second problem is one that I was able to fix:

 two of the songs faded out a little early, and one song had no applause at the end. For the fading out, I'm pretty sure it was only the very tail ends of the songs. I did some editing to give them satisfying sounding endings, and added applause for them. I also added applause for the song that was missing it. These three songs are the ones with "[Edit]" in their names. 

The two shows up total total 57 minutes.

01 The Hunter (Free)
02 Woman (Free)
03 Free Me (Free)
04 Remember [Edit] (Free)
05 Fire and Water (Free)
06 Be My Friend (Free)
07 Ride on a Pony (Free)
08 Mr. Big (Free)
09 Don't Say You Love Me [Edit] (Free)
10 Woman (Free)
11 All Right Now [Edit] (Free)

The photo shows lead singer Paul Rodgers in front of a crowd at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.


  1. Thank you
    the first edition was great
    Can't wait for the third edition

  2. Happy with this recording!