Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Dusty Springfield - Dusty - Alternate Version (1964)

Now that I've posted Dusty Springfield's 1964 album "A Girl Called Dusty," I want to post this, to kind of explain the method to my madness.

As I mentioned in my last post, Springfield's discography is confusing for her first couple of years, due to some songs being released only in the US and other songs being released only in Britain. In 1964, "A Girl Called Dusty" was the only album released in Britain, while the albums "Stay Awhile / I Only Want to Be with You" and "Dusty" were released in the US. "Stay Awhile / I Only Want to Be with You" draws heavily from "A Girl Called Dusty." But there's no British parallel to "Dusty." So this album is largely based on that, but with lots of additional songs added.

Basically, everything on this album comes from British A-sides, B-sides, and EP tracks. A bunch of them were put on the US version of "Dusty." Plus, there are two songs that were released on US albums, but never were released in Britain until when they were made bonus tracks decades later. At the time British record companies generally figured that if a song came out on a single or EP, it wasn't fair to have the consumer buy it again on album, whereas American record companies didn't care. Springfield was putting out so many songs on singles and EPs that there would be yet another American album gathering them up before she would release another British album.

In terms of musical content, this is solid stuff, because Springfield was generally saving her best material for her singles.

This album is 44 minutes long.

01 Stay Awhile (Dusty Springfield)
02 Something Special (Dusty Springfield)
03 All Cried Out (Dusty Springfield)
04 I Wish I'd Never Loved You (Dusty Springfield)
05 Can I Get a Witness (Dusty Springfield)
06 Summer Is Over (Dusty Springfield)
07 Don't Say It Baby (Dusty Springfield)
08 Guess Who (Dusty Springfield)
09 Live It Up (Dusty Springfield)
10 I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (Dusty Springfield)
11 Every Day I Have to Cry (Dusty Springfield)
12 Standing in the Need of Love (Dusty Springfield)
13 He's Got Something (Dusty Springfield)
14 If It Hadn't Been for You (Dusty Springfield)
15 Losing You (Dusty Springfield)
16 O Holy Child (Dusty Springfield)


For the cover art, I wanted to use the cover of the "Dusty" album. But there was a problem, in that the photo of Springfield used on it was the exact same photo as the one on the cover of "A Girl Called Dusty," only cropped and sized differently. So instead, I found a different photo of her from 1964, then copied over the exact text and fonts and record company logos from the "Dusty" album.

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