Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Richard & Linda Thompson - The Price of Love - Various Songs (1982)

Here's the third of three Richard and Linda Thompson albums I'm posting today. I'm posting a lot because I realized I've got a ton of Richard Thompson's music to post and I haven't even gotten to his post-1982 solo career yet.

1982 was a seminal year for Richard and Linda Thompson, because they released their all time classic album "Shoot Out the Lights" and had a final tour of the US even though their marriage was dramatically falling apart. Richard Thompson started his solo career right away, having solo concerts only a month after the last Richard and Linda Thompson concert. For the purpose of this album, I'm only including material from the time the two of them were still together musically, which lasted through June 1982.

Six of the eleven songs here (plus the bonus track) come from that tour, with the audience noise removed if possible, as I usually do. Unfortunately, the tour was not recorded well. Even officially released songs from soundboard performances sometimes only have good sound quality instead of excellent. We have to make do.

One song ("Great Balls of Fire") was a notch below the rest in terms of the sound, so I've only included it as a bonus track.

A few of the other songs feature Richard Thompson only. But they date from before the final break up of the Richard and Linda duo, so I consider those fair game. Luckily, they come from in-person radio show appearances, so the sound quality on those is excellent.

01. Living in Luxury (Richard & Linda Thompson)
02. Move It On Over (Richard Thompson)
03. New-Fangled Flogging Reel - Kerry Reel [Instrumental] (Richard & Linda Thompson)
04. Danny Boy (Richard & Linda Thompson)
05. High School Confidential (Richard & Linda Thompson)
06. Genesis Hall (Richard & Linda Thompson)
07. Honky Tonk Blues (Richard & Linda Thompson)
08. Learning the Game (Richard Thompson)
09. I'll Keep It with Mine (Richard & Linda Thompson)
10. Sheebeg and Sheemore [Instrumental] (Richard Thompson with Simon Nicol)
11. The Price of Love (Richard & Linda Thompson)

Great Balls of Fire (Richard & Linda Thompson)


I made the cover art using a screenshot of a YouTube video from 1982.

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