Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Bonnie Raitt - When the Spell Is Broken - Various Songs (1994-1997)

First off, I've gotta say "When the Spell Is Broken" is a great Richard Thompson song, and Bonnie Raitt does a great version of it here. In a better world, it would have been a hit. Anyway, here's the next in my long series of stray tracks albums for Ms. Raitt. This is a particularly good one.

She was still at the peak of her popularity, and used that to collaborate with some of her musical heroes. She collaborates with someone else on all but two of the songs here. (However, you don't really notice that on the two collaborations with Randy Newman. He wrote those songs, but he doesn't sing on them.)

All but three of the songs were officially released, so the sound quality is very good. For those three, two of them come from TV appearances that were well recorded, so those sound as good as the rest. The other songs come from various artists compilations and duet appearances on other musicians' albums.

There's one song that doesn't sound as good as the rest, "Mercy, Mercy." So I've only included that as a bonus track.

01. When the Spell Is Broken (Bonnie Raitt with the Five Blind Boys of Alabama)
02. You Got It (Bonnie Raitt)
03. Everybody's Gettin' Some (Junior Wells & Bonnie Raitt)
04. Feels like Home (Bonnie Raitt with Randy Newman)
05. Life Has Been Good to Me (Bonnie Raitt with Randy Newman)
06. For What It's Worth (Bonnie Raitt with David Crosby & Graham Nash)
07. Who Do You Love (Bo Diddley & Bonnie Raitt)
08. Pride and Joy (Bonnie Raitt)
09. Grits Ain't Groceries [All Around the World] (Little Milton & Bonnie Raitt)
10. Baby, I Love You (B. B. King & Bonnie Raitt)

Mercy, Mercy (Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Butler & Ben E. King)

I'm not sure where the cover art photo of Bonnie Raitt comes from exactly, but it dates to 1994.

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