Friday, September 14, 2018

Paul Weller - Talisman - Various Songs (2002-2003)

Oops! I messed up and posted the wrong Paul Weller album, in terms of chronological order. I want to keep things in order, so I'm posting two, and changing the order of my posts.

This is nearly all from 2002, with only the last song from 2003.

The songs here come from a wide variety of sources. Four of the songs are live versions of songs from Weller's first band, The Jam. Three are bonus tracks from his "Illumination" album. Three are collaborations with other musicians. There are two other cover songs. But all of it sounds like classic Paul Weller.

By the way, I'm putting all of his acoustic stray tracks on other albums. An acoustic album from roughly this time period will be the next Weller album I post here.

01. Town Called Malice (Paul Weller)
02. A Man of Great Promise (Paul Weller)
03. Thunder Park (Noonday Underground & Paul Weller)
04. Brother to Brother (Terry Callier & Paul Weller)
05. Instant Karma [We All Shine On] (Paul Weller)
06. Monday (Paul Weller)
07. So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Death in Vegas & Paul Weller)
08. Push Button, Automatic (Paul Weller)
09. Horseshoe Drama (Paul Weller)
10. Talisman (Paul Weller)
11. Pretty Green (Paul Weller)
12. I Forgot to Be Your Lover (Paul Weller)

I made the cover art from a 2002 concert poster which already had the text at the top. I added the text at the bottom.

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