Sunday, September 16, 2018

Norah Jones - Deceptively Yours - Various Songs (2001)

Norah Jones is a curious case for me. I don't actually like many of her official studio albums that much. Too often, she sounds like "easy listening" or "adult contemporary," with the songs fading into forgettable background music. That said, she has one of those special, distinctive voices. I don't know what it is about that voice, but I really enjoy hearing her sing, as long as she sings good songs. Unfortunately, as a songwriter, she's hit or miss, with a lot of misses.

Luckily, it turns out that Jones's career as represented by her studio albums are just one part of her overall career. She seems willing to play and sing with just about anybody. As a result, her stray track album material is MUCH more varied and interesting than what she puts on her albums. She covers songs by everyone from AC/DC to the Kinks to Soundgarden to Nick Drake, in just about every genre. Not content to coast on her huge fame and fortune, she's taken part in all sorts of side projects, from country, folk, jazz, electronica, and even something close to punk rock!

So my point is, don't dismiss Jones based on a surface impression of her big hits. She has a much more interesting career than that.

This is the first of many stray tracks albums I'm going to make for her. This starts off a bit slow, with her still trying to find her way in the years right before she hit it big in 2002. But we can already see her interest in a wide variety of music, and her excellent taste in cover songs. Most importantly, she makes every song her own with her remarkable sultry voice.

EDIT: On January 31, 2019, I updated this file to remove two song, and add another (moving those two songs to another album). Then, on May 7, I drastically redid this album. While looking for some other music, I stumbled upon a bootleg of outtakes from the recording of Jones's first album. This enabled me to add a handful of songs to the end of this album. At the same time, I found a bunch of her songs from 1999, so I removed some other songs from here and created an album just of her 1999 and 2000 material.

Here's the link to that album:

01. Something Is Calling You (Norah Jones)
02. Heart of Mine (Peter Malick Group with Norah Jones)
03. All Your Love (Peter Malick Group with Norah Jones)
04. Things You Don't Have to Do (Peter Malick Group with Norah Jones)
05. Deceptively Yours (Peter Malick Group with Norah Jones)
06. When Sunny Gets Blue (Norah Jones)
07. Daydream (Norah Jones)
08. Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So (Norah Jones)
09. The Only Time (Norah Jones)
10. Find My Way (Norah Jones)
11. I Didn't Know about You (Norah Jones)

I'm not sure when the photo I used for the cover art was taken, but her haircut matches the one she had in these early years of her career.

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