Friday, December 8, 2023

David Gilmour - On TV and Radio, Volume 3: 2006-2017

Here's the third and final album of David Gilmour "on TV and radio." As I explained with the previous two volumes, this started out as a BBC sessions series, but I found a bunch of interesting recordings from non-BBC TV and radio shows, so I expanded the scope. That said, this volume does happen to be particularly BBC heavy, with all but four of the tracks from BBC TV or radio shows.

By chance, the four tracks not from the BBC are the ones that are officially released. "Dark Globe," a song written by Pink Floyd's first leader, Syd Barrett, was recorded at an unknown location in 2006 and included on the "Remember That Night" DVD. "Astronomy Domine" and "Echoes" were both done in the studio with former Pink Floyd keyboard player Richard Wright, and were also included as bonus tracks on the "Remember That Night" DVD. "Wots... Uh the Deal," a great song from the 1972 Pink Floyd album "Obscured by Clouds," was played at the Gdansk concert that was the subject of the "Live at the Gdansk" DVD. However, I've included it here because it was merely included as an iTunes only bonus track.

That leaves nine unreleased songs. The first three tracks are from a 2006 appearance on the "Later... with Jools Holland" TV show.  Tracks 8 and 9 are from another appearance on that same show two years later. Note that "Remember a Day" was written and originally sung by Richard Wright, and was done as a tribute, since he'd died in the days before the TV show appearance. Track 10 is from a different BBC appearance in 2008. Then tracks 11 and 12 are from yet another appearance on "Later... with Jools Holland," this time in 2015. Finally, the last song was done in the studio for the TV show "Front Row."

This album is an hour and four minutes long.

01 Take a Breath (David Gilmour)
02 On an Island (David Gilmour)
03 Arnold Layne (David Gilmour)
04 Dark Globe (David Gilmour)
05 Wot's... Uh the Deal (David Gilmour)
06 Astronomy Domine (David Gilmour with Richard Wright)
07 Echoes (David Gilmour with Richard Wright)
08 Remember a Day (David Gilmour)
09 The Blue (David Gilmour)
10 Here I Go (David Gilmour)
11 Rattle That Lock (David Gilmour)
12 Today (David Gilmour)
13 A Boat Lies Waiting (David Gilmour)

The cover photo is from a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2006.


  1. Hi, these 2 tunes are reversed with the titles. 01 On an Island &
    02 Take a Breath. 1 is take a breath & 2 is on an island.

  2. Hi Paul Thanks for all the great albums you post - some absolutely brilliant ones on the blog, but there doesn't seem to be a download link for Mr Gilmour Volume 3. Or is it me being thick?

    1. There's one now. I took the link down for a while until I could fix the problem mentioned in RevCo's post.

  3. Pulling together David Gilmour's Syd Barrett songs would be a good album? Spans a little long time but might just work!