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The Moody Blues - BBC Sessions, Volume 7: In Concert, Apollo Theatre, Oxford, Britain, 12-3-1986

I just posted a Moody Blues concert for the BBC in the 1980s a few days ago. But I recently found two of them, so here's the other one before it slips my mind.

This concert has a lot of similarities with the other one I just posted, from 1984, two years earlier. For instance, all the expected big hits are on both, like "Tuesday Afternoon," "Nights in White Satin," and "Question." Both concerts even start with "Gemini Dream." However, I'm posting both concerts because there are plenty of differences too. That's helped by the fact that the band had a hit album in 1986 with two hit songs, "Your Wildest Dreams" and "The Other Side of Life." Naturally, they played those two, plus two more from that "The Other Side of Life" album, "Rock 'n' Roll Over You" and "It May Be a Fire." Additionally, they played other songs here not in the other concert, like "New Horizons" and "Veteran Cosmic Rocker," and there are five songs in that 1984 that weren't played here.

Unfortunately, the BBC seemed to have meddled in this recording more than usual. In particular, I'm pretty sure there was a lot of applause added. Most of the songs came from one source, but I found two from a different source. Those two songs have way less applause, a more reasonable amount. Heck, there was massive applause all through the banter before the song "Veteran Cosmic Rocker," which didn't make sense. I couldn't really undo the cheering, but I did get rid of most of it during the banter. And I actually boosted it on the two songs from the different source, so they'd fit in with the rest.

Another problem was that the vocals were consistently low in the mix for all the songs. So I boosted them all using the audio editing program UVR5.

This concert is an hour and 20 minutes long. That's a decent length for a concert, but the BBC edited some songs out. I had to cut out some banter before "Veteran Cosmic Rocker," because it mentioned three songs about to be played, but only one actually was included here.

01 Gemini Dream (Moody Blues)
02 The Voice (Moody Blues)
03 Rock 'n' Roll Over You (Moody Blues)
04 talk (Moody Blues)
05 Tuesday Afternoon (Moody Blues)
06 Your Wildest Dreams (Moody Blues)
07 The Story in Your Eyes (Moody Blues)
08 Isn't Life Strange (Moody Blues)
09 It May Be a Fire (Moody Blues)
10 talk (Moody Blues)
11 Veteran Cosmic Rocker (Moody Blues)
12 New Horizons (Moody Blues)
13 The Other Side of Life (Moody Blues)
14 I'm Just a Singer [In a Rock and Roll Band] (Moody Blues)
15 Question (Moody Blues)
16 Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues)

The cover photo shows most of the band members at a concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1986. From right to left: Patrick Moraz, Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Ray Thomas. Moraz was further from the others, but I moved him closer using Photoshop.

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