Friday, January 17, 2020

Larkin Poe - Yet Still More Top O' the Hat (2019-2020)

I'm very psyched to be able to post this album today, for three reasons. One, Larkin Poe are great, and I'm always keen to turn more people on to their music.

Two, I've been slowly collecting their acoustic cover versions that they post on YouTube, waiting for enough to fill another album in the "Tip O' the Hat" series. This is the fourth album, and each one has been about 45 minutes. A couple of months ago, I was ready to go, except I was one song short. Finally, the posted one more a few days ago, and it's an ideal album closer, a mellow instrumental. So I'm glad I waited.

The third reason is it turned out that I'd somehow missed six songs when I'd posted previous albums in this series. I've posted the songs in the chronological order the band has posted them on YouTube. Those six songs come from the time period of the second album in the series, "More Tip O' the Hat." So I added in those six songs to that album, then moved the last six songs on that album to the next one, "Still More Tip O' the Hat." I moved the last six songs on that album to the next one, which is this one. I've updated those two rearranged albums today. Here are the links if you want the extra six songs, with everything in order:

As for the musical content of this album, it's the same great stuff as the others in this series. All-acoustic covers of classic songs, played only the way Larkin Poe can play them. They're mostly famous rock hits, but there's a wide variety, with the occasional obscure blues cover thrown in.

My only disappointment is that I want to post another album in this series, which I want to call "Yet Even Still More Tip O' the Hat" (I'm having fun with the increasingly ridiculous long album titles.) But I'll have to start back at zero and probably wait a year or longer for enough new songs to be posted on YouTube. But until then, you have this album, plus the previous three in the series (and the very similar "Vintage Covers" album), to enjoy.

01. [You Make Me Feel Like] A Natural Woman (Larkin Poe)
02. In the Air Tonight (Larkin Poe)
03. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Larkin Poe)
04. Don't You Mind People Grinnin' in Your Face (Larkin Poe)
05. Rock and Roll Never Forgets (Larkin Poe)
06. Something in the Way She Moves (Larkin Poe)
07. Jolene (Larkin Poe)
08. Boys of Summer (Larkin Poe)
09. Sleepwalk [Instrumental] (Larkin Poe)
10. With a Little Help from My Friends (Larkin Poe)
11. Runnin' with the Devil (Larkin Poe)
12. Grandma's Hands (Larkin Poe)
13. The Boys Are Back in Town (Larkin Poe)
14. Stuck in the Middle with You (Larkin Poe)
15. Old Riley (Larkin Poe)
16. Pink (Larkin Poe)
17. Apache [Instrumental] (Larkin Poe)

The cover art photo shows Larkin Poe in concert in 2018.

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