Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Eric Clapton - Last Night - Various Songs (1975-1976)

There was a big flurry of Eric Clapton playing new songs at the start of his solo career in 1974 and 1975. By 1976, that slowed down a lot. So this album still has some stray tracks from 1975, while the latter half comes from 1976.

Clapton has never been a prolific songwriter. I believe all the songs here are cover versions. About half of the songs are officially released, and the rest are from bootlegs. But even most of the unreleased songs were recorded in the studio, so the sound quality is excellent.

With these stray tracks collections, I don't want to include any songs on the studio albums of the time. But I have a version of "Carnival" here, which is also on Clapton's 1976 album "No Reason to Cry." That's because this version is a collaboration between Clapton and the Rolling Stones, and thus is significantly different than the one on that album.

01. Drifting Blues (Eric Clapton)
02. Carnival [Stones Version] (Eric Clapton & the Rolling Stones)
03. So Many Roads, So Many Trains (Eric Clapton)
04. Eyesight to the Blind (Eric Clapton)
05. Last Night (Eric Clapton)
06. Blues [Instrumental] (Eric Clapton)
07. Big River (Eric Clapton with Bob Dylan & the Band)
08. Right Now (Eric Clapton & Billy Preston)
09. Won't Somebody Tell Me (Eric Clapton)

The cover art uses a photo of Clapton in concert in 1975.

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