Friday, December 14, 2018

Robyn Hitchcock - Kiss Yourself - Various Songs (1991)

Here's yet another in my long series of Robyn Hitchcock stray track albums. As I've said with past albums, I typically have two types of albums for him: those containing songs not on the official album of that time, and those containing acoustic versions of songs on the official album of that time. The official album in 1991 was "Perspex Island." This is the former kind of album, containing 1991 songs not on that album.

All the songs here are officially unreleased. There's a bootleg that contains high quality sound versions of studio songs considered for the "Perspex Island" album. Seven of the ten songs are from that bootlegs. The remaining three are from concert bootlegs. Pretty much all the songs are acoustic in style.

"Perspex Island" is widely considered one of Hitchcock's weaker albums, done in by misguided production. I don't know what the thinking on the song selection was, because I think most of these songs are as good as the ones on that album.

I called this album "Kiss Yourself" because that's an album title Hitchcock considered, but didn't use, in the early 1990s.

01 Chain Mary to the Bed [I Dreamed I Saw Julian Cope] (Robyn Hitchcock)
02 If We Had a Baby (Robyn Hitchcock)
03 Don't Kill the Sweetness in Your Heart (Robyn Hitchcock)
04 Baby, I Want You [That's About All] (Robyn Hitchcock)
05 Lobsterman (Robyn Hitchcock)
06 Gracious Ladies Dine Awhile (Robyn Hitchcock)
07 Love in the Garden of Light (Robyn Hitchcock)
08 The Vomiting Cross (Robyn Hitchcock)
09 Dark Green Energy (Robyn Hitchcock)
10 Watch Your Intelligence (Robyn Hitchcock)

For the cover art, I used the cover to the 1991 single "Oceanside." I changed the text of the sideways text.


  1. Looks cool - what is the bootleg that you took the 7 songs from?
    I'd be interested in hearing the rest of those songs.

    1. I believe the boot is just called "Perspex Island Demos." And there are more songs on it. I've only included the ones here that aren't dupes of songs on studio albums at the time.