Monday, December 3, 2018

Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York - Various Songs (1985-1989)

I've posted three Kirsty MacColl albums already, as I move chronologically through her career. Those three all contained many good songs, but this is when she really began to hit her stride.

The highlight here has to be "Fairytale of New York," a duet with the Pogues that is the most played Christmas song of the 21st century in Britain. Incredibly, it hits the charts pretty much every single Christmas season there. It's not nearly as well known in the US, however, but it should be.

That song, plus the first two here, were recorded at a time when MacColl was having a prolonged dispute with her record company. She wasn't really free to put out her own music until 1989, when she released her album "Kite." The remainder of the songs here are B-sides from singles off that album. But I would argue that most of these are just as good as the songs that made the album.

This album is 44 minutes long.

01 He's on the Beach (Kirsty MacColl)
02 Please, Go to Sleep (Kirsty MacColl)
03 Fairytale of New York (Pogues & Kirsty MacColl)
04 Clubland (Kirsty MacColl)
05 Don't Run Away from Me Now (Kirsty MacColl)
06 You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby [Long Version] (Kirsty MacColl)
07 Closer to God (Kirsty MacColl)
08 The End of a Perfect Day (Kirsty MacColl)
09 La Foret de Mimosas (Kirsty MacColl)
10 Happy (Kirsty MacColl)
11 Please Help Me, I'm Falling (Kirsty MacColl)
12 El Paso (Kirsty MacColl)
13 Still Life (Kirsty MacColl)

The cover was found by Peter of the Albums I Wish Existed blog. It's from a rare single of "Fairytale of New York," with the Pogues name removed.


  1. Just poking around here and felt I had a small something to add. This cover is originally from an album by The Voices Of Walter Schumann called Christmas In The Air from 1951. I'm sure someone, somewhere appropriated it for The Pogues. Thought you might be interested. :)