Saturday, September 4, 2021

Molly Tuttle - Livestream Concert, Volume 2- Talkin' 'bout a Revolution - The Basement, Nashville, TN, 12-3-2020

Recently, I posted a Molly Tuttle livestream concert that mostly consisted of cover songs. That was one of three such concerts she did in late 2020. Each one had a different theme, and the set lists were almost entirely unique, not just to each other, but also to anything she's done before or since. This is the second of the three shows. 

The theme of this show is "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution," which means political protest songs. I consider myself a politically progressive minded person, so this is right up my alley. If you're similarly inclined, I'll bet you'll like it too. One thing I especially appreciate is that she's taken some modern pop songs that I normally would avoid due to production issues by the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, and redone them in a more classic rock and roll mode, helping to highlight how they fit into the protest song mode.

As with the first show in this series, Tuttle played guitar and was backed only by a bassist and drummer. So while the whole show is rocking (and without the acoustic section of the first show), it has a fairly bare-bones sound. The bass played also helped with backing vocals.

Here's a list of the original artists for each song:

01 Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
02 Talkin' 'bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman
03 Working Girl Blues - Hazel and Alice
04 We Shall Not Be Moved - Woody Guthrie
05 Fake Empire - The National
06 The Crowd - Operation Ivy
07 Why We Build the Wall - Anais Mitchell
08 Not Ready to Make Nice - The Chicks
09 The Man - Taylor Swift
10 Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
11 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
12 Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
13 Ohio - Neil Young
14 What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
15 War - Bob Marley
16 Imagine - John Lennon
17 [What's So Funny 'Bout] Peace, Love, and Understanding - Elvis Costello

Here's the usual song list:

01 Big Yellow Taxi (Molly Tuttle)
02 Talkin' 'bout a Revolution (Molly Tuttle)
03 Working Girl Blues (Molly Tuttle)
04 We Shall Not Be Moved (Molly Tuttle)
05 Fake Empire (Molly Tuttle)
06 The Crowd (Molly Tuttle)
07 Why We Build the Wall (Molly Tuttle)
08 Not Ready to Make Nice (Molly Tuttle)
09 The Man (Molly Tuttle)
10 Rebel Girl (Molly Tuttle)
11 Born This Way (Molly Tuttle)
12 Fake Plastic Trees (Molly Tuttle)
13 Ohio (Molly Tuttle)
14 What's Going On (Molly Tuttle)
15 War (Molly Tuttle)
16 Imagine (Molly Tuttle)
17 [What's So Funny 'Bout] Peace, Love, and Understanding (Molly Tuttle)

As with the previous show in this series, I was fortunate to be able to take a screenshot from the exact concert featured here. Note that Tuttle is wearing a shirt with the slogan "Human rights for all," in keeping with the theme of the show.


  1. Many thanks for the Molly Tuttle, she's a wonderful lady, if you're interested in discovering other exciting aspects of her life, I encourage you to check out her Instagram!
    Thanks for your great blog.

  2. Thanks! Excellent performance & outstanding sound.