Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rockpile - Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds Sing the Everly Brothers - Expanded Version (1979)

This is a fun little thing. In August 1979, Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds of Rockpile played an session for the BBC with just the two of them and their acoustic guitars. They must have been in a big Everly Brothers mood, because they played five Everly Brothers songs in a row, then two of their own songs, then two other old cover songs. They jokingly called themselves the "Beverly Brothers."

A year later, Rockpile finally released a studio album (Seconds of Pleasure) after backing each other's solo albums for a few years, and they included four of the Everly Brothers covers from this session as a bonus EP. But the other songs were never released, except on a bootleg that didn't include the released songs. Here are all of the songs, together and in the order they were performed. They're short songs, so it's only a 22 minute album, but it's a fun one.

01 Problems, Problems (Rockpile)
02 Take a Message to Mary (Rockpile)
03 Crying in the Rain (Rockpile)
04 Poor Jenny (Rockpile)
05 When Will I Be Loved (Rockpile)
06 What Looks Best on You (Rockpile)
07 I Knew the Bride [When She Used to Rock and Roll] (Rockpile)
08 Blue Moon of Kentucky (Rockpile)
09 The Race Is On (Rockpile)


The cover art is based on the EP cover, but I made some changes. (The original specifically mentioned four song titles, but that doesn't work anymore when there's nine songs.)


  1. Hi, looks like this link is down too.

    1. Thank you!. Have you ever done any Nick Lowe solo stuff? If so I'd love to see some posted. He's an artist that's usually under-represented on sites which is a shame.

  2. I thank you. I own the Seconds of Pleasure lp with the EB covers single, a favorite from my college years.

    1. You're welcome. I've got a ton more Rockpile stuff to post.

  3. Another file I'd like to download but can't. Zippyshare is a nightmare for this mac user.

    1. If you have trouble, I suggest trying the free program SoulseekQT instead. Everything here is also there.