Saturday, September 21, 2019

Badfinger - In Concert at the Hippodrome (1973)

This is essentially a continuation of my last post (Badfinger's "In Concert at the Paris Theatre"). As I said in that, there's only one good official live Badfinger album, called "BBC In Concert." But it's taken from two concerts, and I think it works better as two albums. So here's the second part, taken from a concert professionally recorded by the BBC at the Hippodrome in London in 1973.

But it's not that simple. The actual Hippodrome part is only 29 minutes long, which is rather short for an album. I wanted to use this (and the other live Badfinger album I just posted) to gather all the remaining live Badfinger in excellent sound quality that I didn't post already or are repeats of songs. So I've fleshed this out with four songs recorded for a short-lived British TV show called "Set of Six," plus another song played on the TV show "The Midnight Special" in 1973.

I haven't changed the songs at all, but I've edited the crowd noise after the extra songs to make it sound like they all came from the same concert. Some of those extra songs had no audience noise at all, or only a few seconds before the recording came to a sudden halt. So I reused crowd noise from other songs, but edited them to remove specific noises making it obvious that it was a repeat.

The end result is an album that's 46 minutes long. One benefit of splitting the BBC album in two is that it's okay to have some repeats between this album and the Paris Theatre one I just posted.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any good live Badfinger recordings after 1973, until the band fell apart in 1975.  There is a popular bootleg recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1974. But the audio quality was too poor to interest me, even as bonus tracks.

By the way, the recording of "Day After Day" was missing about the first 30 seconds. So I found a different version of that song and patched that in. You can probably hear the transition if you listen for it, but I figured it was better to do it that way than just having the start of the song missing.

01. Day After Day (Badfinger)
02. Sweet Tuesday Morning (Badfinger)
03. Take It All (Badfinger)
04. Better Days (Badfinger)
05. No Matter What (Badfinger)
06. Love Is Easy (Badfinger)
07. Blind Owl (Badfinger)
08. Constitution (Badfinger)
09. Icicles (Badfinger)
10. Matted Spam (Badfinger)
11. Suitcase (Badfinger)
12. I Can't Take It (Badfinger)

I made the cover art using a photo of the band playing on the British TV show "Top of the Pops" in 1973. (I assume the recording of that performance is either lost or was a lip-sync to a record.)

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  1. I thought you'd appreciate my memories.....
    1 the 1st- we were in Atlantic City for a weekend- this is way before gambling --& so it goes....Steel Pier Atlantic City July 23rd 1972 We saw them about 3 P.M. Most people at Steel Pier were tourists; they bought tickets for the day and followed the schedule from feature to feature. it was all families in the audience with us there .
    The time had come and the band wasn't there. In short order, I noticed a couple of young guys in cut-off jeans running from the beach soaking wet. They climbed the fence. It wasn't much of a fence... and it was the band. Wet hair, no shirts, a quick towel dry and on to the show. I do remember an acknowledging look from Tom, a short well-played set and that was it.
    2nd !982 The Other End NYC- I believe just Tom was left by then. I cant remember if it was Joey or Jackson with him they had a guitaris from Be. It was a good show -regardless. sadly Tom moved on a few months later.
    3rd- Joey & whomever Lodi NJ 1992. there were 5 of us there - that was it. 2 guys had a video camera. Kathy smashed it to bits. The 20 something guitarist was a Berkeley grad- he played glissandos for every song- a sad day