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Neil Finn - Acoustic Radio Sessions, Volume 2: 1999-2001

As I explained when I posted the first album in this series, a few years ago, a kind soul on the Internet contacted me and sent me a bunch of Crowded House and Neil Finn radio show recordings. I'm pretty sure these were recorded when they were broadcast by this person way back when, and they otherwise have disappeared. So these are pretty important. Unfortunately, I waited a few years to post all of this stuff (I just have so much to post that a lot slips through the cracks) and I've forgotten that person's name. But a big thanks just the same.

All but two of the songs here are unreleased. The two released one are tracks 2 and 3. Even those two are pretty rare. Track 2, a fun cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," comes from a various artists album collection "Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge." Track 3, "Throw Your Arms Around Me," is from the various artists collection called "KCRW Sounds Eclectic."

This album mostly consists of Crowded House done in acoustic format. It includes some well-known ones, including their biggest hit, "Don't Dream It's Over." There are some interesting other songs as well. For instance, "Message to My Girl" was originally done by Split Enz, the band Finn was in before he was in Crowded House.

This album is 47 minutes long.

01 Message to My Girl (Neil Finn)
02 Billie Jean (Neil Finn)
03 Throw Your Arms Around Me (Neil Finn)
04 Rest of the Day Off (Neil Finn)
05 Distant Sun (Neil Finn)
06 Turn and Run (Neil Finn)
07 Into the Sunset (Neil Finn)
08 Last Day of June (Neil Finn)
09 Wherever You Are (Neil Finn)
10 Last to Know (Neil Finn)
11 Fall at Your Feet (Neil Finn)
12 Anytime (Neil Finn)
13 Driving Me Mad (Neil Finn)
14 Don't Dream It's Over (Neil Finn)

NOTE: The link has been removed due to a copyright issue. However, take a look at the comments.

The cover photo is from a promotional photo shoot in 2001.

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