Friday, January 21, 2022

Iwan Fals - Ngalor Ngidulnya, Volume 2 (2021)

A few days ago, I posted Volume 1 in this series. I have several more to go, so here's the next one already.

If you don't know who Iwan Fals is, beware that he's an Indonesian musician who sings all his songs in the Indonesian language. So if that's not your cup of tea, you should skip this.

My Volume 1 post explained more about who he is and why I'm posting his music. Assuming you know all that, this is a reminder that this series is basically his version of the home concert recordings lots of musicians have done during the pandemic lockdown phase. He has regularly done one song a week, playing them in solo acoustic format (sometimes with harmonica). All these performances are unreleased, unless you count him posting them for free on YouTube.

It seems when he started this series, he tended to do a lot of his most famous songs early on (famous in Indonesia, that is). With this being Volume 2, these generally are all still well known songs. It's too bad if you can't speak Indonesian, because his lyrics are excellent. Although he does lots of romantic songs, he also does many social commentary ones. Take the first song here for instance, "Isi Rimba Tak Ada Tempat Berpijak Lagi." This song laments the cutting of the tropical forests in Indonesia. But the song came out in 1982, putting him ahead of most public consciousness on this issue, especially for Indonesia.

This album is 54 minutes long.

01 Isi Rimba Tak Ada Tempat Berpijak Lagi (Iwan Fals)
02 Sapuku Sapuku Sapu Sapu (Iwan Fals)
03 Tarmijah dan Problemnya (Iwan Fals)
04 Tak Bitu Lagi Lautku (Iwan Fals)
05 Ambisi (Iwan Fals)
06 Antara Aku, Kau dan Bekas Pacarmu (Iwan Fals)
07 Galang Rambu Anarki (Iwan Fals)
08 Obat Awet Muda (Iwan Fals)
09 Sumbang (Iwan Fals)
10 Kereta Tiba Pukul Berapa (Iwan Fals) 

As with Volume 1, the cover art was made from taking a screenshot from one of the YouTube videos of these exact performances.


  1. I really enjoyed Volume 1 so I hope that you continue to post these. An Indonesian Bob Dylan! Loved it ... Terimakasih banyak.

    1. I'm psyched that at least one other person is into this. According to Zippyshare stats, only 34 people have downloaded Volume 1 so far, which is way below the usual for new albums, which get a couple hundred at a minimum. But to be honest that's more than I expected.

  2. Paul,
    This album plus the 1st volume you posted the other days on Iwan Fals was certainly a pleasant surprise. Never heard of him, but really enjoyed his music. I will have to go searching for the lyrics and translations. If you want to post more more Iwan Fals, I'm game. Thanks so much.

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    2. Cool! I'm happy to have turned on at least one person who had never heard of him. But you'd probably like his full band stuff even more, since it has more going on musically. Check this song out, for instance - it's like Muslim prog rock! I really like it. (He's part of a collaborative band on that one, but still does most of the lead vocals.)