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Woodstock '94, Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY, 8-12-1994 to 8-14-1994 - Day 3, Part 6: Paul Rodgers

The fifth album from Day Three of the Woodstock ‘94 Festival is a set by Paul Rodgers, the former lead singer of the bands Free, Bad Company, and the Firm.

Rodgers got some help from some famous musical associates. Most prominently, he was joined for three of the last four songs in the set by Slash, The lead guitarist for the band Guns N’ Roses. That band is originally formed, was near its death throes. So while they were invited to play, they didn’t play.

He was also supported for the entire set by Neal Schon, The former lead guitarist for Santana and Journey. He also was supported by bassist Andy Fraser, Who was a key band mate in the band Free. Finally, the drummer was Jason Bonham, who is most famous for being the son of drummer John Bonham, of Led Zeppelin.

In 1993, Rodgers put out an EP of cover versions of Jimi Hendrix songs. He also put out an entire album that mostly consisted of covers of Muddy Waters songs. So in addition to performing songs made famous by Free and Bad Company, he performed songs here by Hendrix and Muddy Waters.

This album is an hour and nine minutes long.

01 talk (Paul Rodgers)
02 Rock and Roll Fantasy (Paul Rodgers)
03 Can't Get Enough (Paul Rodgers)
04 talk (Paul Rodgers)
05 Feel like Makin' Love (Paul Rodgers)
06 talk (Paul Rodgers)
07 Wishing Well (Paul Rodgers)
08 talk (Paul Rodgers)
09 Fire and Water (Paul Rodgers)
10 talk (Paul Rodgers)
11 Little Bit of Love (Paul Rodgers)
12 talk (Paul Rodgers)
13 Muddy Water Blues (Paul Rodgers)
14 talk (Paul Rodgers)
15 Rollin' Stone (Paul Rodgers)
16 talk (Paul Rodgers)
17 Standin' Round Cryin' (Paul Rodgers)
18 talk (Paul Rodgers)
19 I Don't Live Today (Paul Rodgers with Slash)
20 talk (Paul Rodgers with Slash)
21 The Hunter (Paul Rodgers with Slash)
22 talk (Paul Rodgers with Slash)
23 Bad Company (Paul Rodgers with Slash)
24 All Right Now (Paul Rodgers)


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The cover photo is from this exact concert.


  1. I've had this for years. I was fortunate to see most of this festival broadcast. This set and the Allman Brothers Band are my favorite.

  2. Thanks so much, I love Paul Rodgers.

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    Windows Defender detected something. I deleted the two initial attempts. Got one with the proper name on it, but it still detected something in it, so I did not un-zip it.

    That is via Upload.EE

    It says it is a low risk, but I never had that trouble before on here. Looking for it on SoulSeek. Have an old version and trying to figure our SoulSeekQT.

  4. Update - tried it in Microsoft Edge and no funky thing was included.