Friday, September 15, 2023

The Beatles - The Beatles Uncovered, Volume 3 (1967-1989) (A MIKE SOLOF GUEST POST)

It's time for another Mike Solof guest post. Before I hand over the reins to him, so to speak, note that if you're enjoying his Beatles mixes, he's been posting more of that at the "Albums I Wish Existed" website, which you can find here:

Also, in addition to Mike's below write-up, read the PDF file included in the download for explanations behind each song.


Hey Kids,

It’s Mike here, back for Round 3 of some of my coolest remixes of Beatle tracks culled from over 300 shows I produced for a now defunct Internet station called Beatles-a-rama.

The thing always found most fun (and still do) in working with Beatles tracks, is using the most modern equipment out there to rip the commercially released tracks apart… and then finding out what is hiding in the cracks and crevices of the music. The stuff buried beneath. The stuff you never usually get a chance to hear. Until now!

That’s what this collection is all about.

I’m hoping that the hour of music in volume three will allow you to appreciate the greatest band in the world in a whole new way. There’s a lot more where this came from…


01 I'm Losing You [Mike's Mix] (John Lennon)
02 Cloud Nine [Mike's Mix] (George Harrison)
03 Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him [Mike's Mix] (John Lennon)
04 Martha My Dear [No Strings or Brass] (Beatles)
05 In My Car [Mike's Mix] (Ringo Starr)
06 Cheer Down [Mike's Mix] (George Harrison)
07 Cleanup Time [Mike's Mix] (John Lennon)
08 Picture Show Life [Mike's Mix] (Ringo Starr)
09 Baby's Request [Mike's Mix] (Paul McCartney)
10 [Just Like] Starting Over [12' Promo] [Mike's Mix] (John Lennon)
11 Got My Mind Set on You [Mike's Mix] (George Harrison)
12 Lovely Rita [Mike's Mix] (Beatles)
13 Oh My Love [Acoustic Instrumental Version] [Mike's Mix] (John Lennon)
14 Photograph [Mike's Mix] (Ringo Starr)
15 Just for Today [Mike's Mix] (George Harrison)
16 Three Legs [Instrumental Version] [Mike's Mix] (Paul McCartney)
17 That's What It Takes [Mike's Mix] (George Harrison)

The cover is another imagining of what the Beatles would look like if all four of them were alive today. Ask Mike where he finds these things, 'cos I don't know.


  1. Why can't I find the link to DL things from Mike's site? I'm sure it's staring me in the face.

  2. it is lol ;-) just below #17

  3. Is it possible to download this file without having to run the gauntlet of useless and intrusive spam websites? I have given up trying to download it without giving all my personal details to specious websites.

  4. See here's the weird thing... I run into this problem alot...or I should say others do but I don't. I don't know why some people have zero trouble and get it on the first try...while others get it without problems after a few tries...while still others get whatever you are seeing.
    Here's some of what I here (sometimes):

    I would love to download this, but I'm not in the habit of downloading something that forces me to download unknown software! Maybe if you explained what that software does, I might consider it; otherwise, thanks but no, thanks!

    and this:
    I received a requirement to download other software in order to be allowed to download the main file … While I have small worry of my system being contaminated (I'm on a Mac and the software like to be for a PC), I'm just not taking the chance … If it was outtakes, I might consider it … but later he said this:

    I tried it again and after 2 tries, it worked like I expected … It processed completely differently from the first 5 times I tried … So it's fixed and safe to use … Thanks for the upload, I'm happy to have gotten it!

    AND FINALLY... from a very tech savy and knowledgeable source...he said this:

    The hosting services he used are indeed off the beaten path but I did an in depth scan of his files I see any absolutely no unusual software being included or downloaded, only the actual files.

    SO IN SUMMARY: I have used this company (Hightail) for over 6 years with out problems myself. Others as stated above have gotten weird responses (sign up for that... virus warnings... )
    but after a few tries this has disappeared and in my thousands of shares noone has ever blamed me or my downloads for "Infecting" their system. I have a Mac. Maybe Hightail takes a few tries to play well with others. I don't know. it ALWAYS works fine for me. but what should happen is you hit the link (or try copy and pasting the link...sometimes that solves everything) and the download begins... end of story. Try a few more times. If you still have problems I'll redo things with WeTransfer. Good Luck FLASH!!! ...were all counting on you!!

  5. All fair comment Mike but every time (about 10 so far) the link asks me to to download and run OperaGX in order to access your very interesting files. I can't seem to manage to avoid it. It asks me to download it every time and won't permit me to avoid doing so. I have successfully downloaded Vols 1 and 2 without a problem before so if you could publish a WeTransfer file that would be excellent!

  6. Here ya go...good for only 7 days (which is why I only use it as a last gasp lol)

  7. Thanks very much! Much appreciated. All the best to you and your posts! Keep them coming.

  8. Impossible to download, complicated, much easier before....

  9. so weird... but here's an easier way: