Friday, December 31, 2021

Back Home Again

Here's a quick note that I'm back from vacation again. I had a really nice time celebrating the holidays with family and friends. I tried to be very careful, and it seems I made it back without getting omicron or any other Covid variant, knock on wood. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays too. I should be back to posting more music soon. Thanks for all the kind words while I was gone.


  1. Welcome back. Here's to a kinder 2022!

  2. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, and all the best in 2022. Let's hope that we can all continue to dodge C19.

  3. happy New Year, don't have to worry if your fully vaccinated

    1. I am, including a booster shot, but there's no such thing as no risk with Covid. It's just less risk.

  4. Happy New Year and welcome back. And, thanks for all you do for all of us