Thursday, February 11, 2021

Volume Balance and Fleetwood Mac

I just posted an album of early songs sung by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac. I made that as part of doing an overhaul of early Fleetwood Mac albums in general. I mostly made minor changes, such as fixing the song titles to a few songs, and moving a few songs from one album to another, where they fit better. While I was doing that, I adjusted the volume control for all the songs on all Fleetwood Mac albums for more volume consistency from song to song. That includes all the related efforts, such as a few Buckingham Nicks albums, and a Fritz album.

I still plan to move forward chronologically through the band's long career. But before I keep going from 1975 onwards, I want to fix the earlier material. Hopefully that's done now, knock on wood.


  1. Thanks! Curious which software you are using to balance volume? I'm about to make a compilation for someone and itunes playlist volume fluctuates greatly.

    1. I used to use Mp3Gain. But now I do it all by hand, song by song, because I find Mp3Gain does a good job only, oh, about 80% of the time. If you can find a better program please let me know, cos doing it by hand is a huge pain in the rear! (Still, Mp3Gain is a lot better than nothing.)

    2. Thanks! Will look into it too.