Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Moody Blues Question

I plan on posting more Moody Blues music soon. One thing I'm particularly keen on posting is an alternate version of their 1967 album "Days of Future Passed." There are two things about it I want to change, which fit together. One, I am not a fan of classical music at all. A good chunk of the album is just classical music with no Moody Blues playing at all. I simply want to hear the songs they played instead of some orchestra. But if one cuts those classical parts out, it makes the album too short. That leads me to my second change: adding in other songs. It turns out the band did a bunch of other very good songs in 1967 that are ideal to bring the album back to its original size.

Here's where my question comes in. At first, I just was going to add the extra songs at the start, then the remainder of the "Days of Future Passed" songs until the end. However, a musical friend named MZ pointed out to me that many of those extra songs fit into the concept album's loose theme of a typical day passing. So I much prefer fleshing the concept out with as many songs as I can get to fit. But, one, I'm not entirely sure about which songs to add. Most of the songs seem to fit, more or less, but I can't get three to work. And two, I'm also uncertain about the song order. Some could fit in multiple places, so I'm wondering if anyone else has an opinion on how the song order should go. 

Here's what I have so far:

01 Dawn Is a Feeling (Moody Blues)
02 Cities (Moody Blues) *
03 Another Morning (Moody Blues)
04 Love and Beauty (Moody Blues) *
05 I Really Haven't Got the Time (Moody Blues) *
06 Peak Hour (Moody Blues)
07 Tuesday Afternoon [Forever Afternoon] (Moody Blues)
08 [Evening] Time to Get Away (Moody Blues)
09 Long Summer Days (Moody Blues) *
10 The Sun Set (Moody Blues)
11 Twilight Time (Moody Blues)
12 Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues)
13 Late Lament (Moody Blues)

The ones with the * are the extra songs added in. With those added, it makes for a 50 minute long album, which was doable in 1967.

Here are the three extra songs I'd like to add in, but can't seem to make them work:

Fly Me High (Moody Blues)
Leave This Man Alone (Moody Blues)
Please Think about It (Moody Blues)

The last two are basically love songs, which wouldn't fit with the general theme of a day passing, except for the fact that "Nights in White Satin" is one of the greatest love songs of all time. Still, I'm thinking it might be better to leave those off. I have a Moody Blues stray tracks album dealing with 1967 to 1972 that I could put them on instead.

Anyway, your feedback on this is appreciated.


  1. Hi Paul. I'm not familiar with all these songs, but the concept album that reflects on a days activity looks great for tracks 1-13 with simple extra tracks.


    The 'bonus' material could be used to split the concept into two?

    Side 1
    Day. Dealing with the physical day to day activities. (Conscious)
    Working the stress of cities and others but feeling loneliness and isolation.

    Side 2

    Night. The start of a more reflective cerebral, personal time.(Unconscious). Been alone, dreaming, sleeping. Love, connection.

    Album 1

    Dawn Is a Feeling
    Another Morning
    I Really Haven't Got the Time
    Peak Hour
    Tuesday Afternoon [ForeverAfternoon]
    Long Summer Days
    [Evening] Time to Get Away

    Album 2

    Leave This Man Alone
    The Sun Set (Moody Blues)
    Love and Beauty (Moody Blues) *
    Please think about it
    Twilight Time (Moody Blues)
    Late Lament
    Fly me high
    Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues)

  2. Perhaps Long summer days would fit better just before The Sun Set?

  3. 90% of my love for this blog is when I hit the 'play' button after I download the files and to be surprised with the incredible music that I get to hear. Personally, I try not to look at the upcoming song titles when the tracks are playing.

    With that in mind, I think any collection that YOU decide to mix together will be another incredible musical journey. I don't think any people will be listening to it, saying, "well, this mix would be a lot better if song #7 was placed before song #4."

    1. Exactly. Well said. I respect Paul's exacting and insightful muse. He does have a fantastic methodology and criteria... it's all about the journey. Yeah!!

    2. Thanks for the high praise. :) Still, there may be someone who thinks that song 7 should be placed before song 4. ;) I appreciate those who are into that level of attention.

  4. I suppose what I'm really saying is, it's great people are interested and interacting and thanking this blog maker for all his hard work and enjoyment he brings us.

  5. Here is the super rare Mono Single Edit of 'Tuesday Afternoon' from 1967. It has never been issued digitally, this is a clean vinyl rip.

    1. This is the rare 2:16 single mono mix that has never been reissued and is available only from the original 7' vinyl single.

    2. Thanks. I gave it a listen. I'm not a big fan though cos it's such a brutal edit. They cut the song in half!

  6. Personally I would prefer to hear the additional material as part of a stray tracks coillection, and leave the original concept alone. Without the orchestral passages, it would not be "Days of Future Passed" as the Moodies conceived it.

    1. The whole idea here is to change the album as the Moodies conceived it. Personally, I think they were dragged into the project. They were only offered a record deal if they would collaborate with an orchestra. Be that as it may, if you just want the album as it is plus bonus tracks, that's already available as a deluxe edition of the album. I want to try something different for people who are into that.

  7. Personally, I don't like the symphonic period of the Moodies but the R&B.

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  9. I heard a version of the album back in the day without the orchestra. It might have been a boot. It's out there somewhere.

  10. Hi, i heard a Moody Blues Song "Visions Of Paradise" (Instrumental Version) that would fit in very nice with your Project